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The Palgrave International Handbook of Animal Abuse Studies

Beirne, Piers - The Palgrave International Handbook of Animal Abuse Studies, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Editors’ Introduction
Jennifer Maher, Harriet Pierpoint, Piers Beirne

Part I. The Abuse of Domesticated Animals

2. Breeding and Selling of Companion Animals
James Yeates, David Bowles

3. Physical Cruelty of Companion Animals
Arnold Arluke, Leslie Irvine

4. Animal Sexual Assault
Piers Beirne, Jennifer Maher, Harriet Pierpoint

5. Animal Neglect
Angus Nurse

6. Animal Hoarding
Arnold Arluke, Gary Patronek, Randall Lockwood, Allison Cardona

7. Status Dogs
Jennifer Maher, Harriet Pierpoint, Claire Lawson

Part II. The Abuse of Animals Used in Farming

8. Breeding and Rearing Farmed Animals
Erika Cudworth

9. Slaughterhouses: The Language of Life, the Discourse of Death

Nik Taylor, Heather Fraser

Part III. The Abuse of Animals in the Wild

10. Collecting Wildlife
Angus Nurse

11. International Trade in Animals and Animal Parts
Jennifer Maher, Tanya Wyatt

12. Animal Abuse Resulting from Wildlife Habitat Destruction
Rob White

Part IV. The Abuse of Animals Used in Entertainment

13. Animal Racing: Shifting Codes of Canadian Social Tolerance
Kevin Young

14. Hunting and Shooting: The Ambiguities of ‘Country Sports’
Peter Squires

15. Fish used in Aquariums: Nemo’s Plight
Jordan E. Mazurek

16. Animal Fighting
Claire Lawson

Part V. The Abuse of Animals in Vivisection and Scientific Research

17. Shelter Animals in Laboratory Experimentation
Allie Phillips, Anthony Bellotti

18. Animals in Scientific Research
André Menache

Part VI. The Abuse of Animals by Agents of the State

19. Harms to Police Dogs: Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Janine Janssen

20. Conservation and Invasive Alien Species: Violent Love
Krithika Srinivasan, Rajesh Kasturirangan

21. Legal and Illegal Theriocide of Trafficked Animals
Ragnhild Sollund

22. Animals in War
Ryan Hediger

Part VII. Interventions

23. Interventions with Animal Abuse Offenders
Maya Gupta, Lisa Lunghofer, Kenneth Shapiro

Keywords: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Crime and Society, Critical Criminology, Criminological Theory, Organized Crime

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