Carbonell, Curtis D.

The Palgrave Handbook of Posthumanism in Film and Television

Carbonell, Curtis D. - The Palgrave Handbook of Posthumanism in Film and Television, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Posthumanism in Film and Television
Michael Hauskeller, Thomas D. Philbeck, Curtis D. Carbonell

Part I. Paving the Way to Posthumanism: The Precursors

2. From DelGuat to ScarJo
William Brown

3. ‘Self-Immolation by Technology’: Jean Baudrillard and the Posthuman in Film and Television
Jon Baldwin

4. Derrida on Screen
Stefan Herbrechter

5. Bruno Latour: From the Non-Modern to the Posthuman
T. Hugh Crawford

6. Friedrich Nietzsche and the Posthuman/Transhuman in Film and Television
Babette Babich

Part II. Varieties of People-to-Come: Posthuman Becomings

7. Terminated: The Life and Death of the Cyborg in Film and Television
Rhys Owain Thomas

8. Of Iron Men and Green Monsters: Superheroes and Posthumanism
Dan Hassler-Forest

9. Growing Your Own: Monsters from the Lab and Molecular Ethics in Posthumanist Film
Anna Powell

10. Post-Singularity Entities in Film and TV
David Roden

11. Chimeras and Hybrids: The Digital Swarms of the Posthuman Image
Drew Ayers

Part III. Rise of the Machines: Posthuman Intellects

12. Androids and the Posthuman in Television and Film
Kevin LaGrandeur

13. ‘Change for the Machines’? Posthumanism as Digital Sentience
Sherryl Vint

14. Alive in the Net
Jeff Menne, Jay Clayton

15. Autonomous Fighting Machines: Narratives and Ethics
Dónal P. O’Mathúna

Part IV. Body and Soul: Posthuman Subjectivities

16. A Contest of Tropes: Screened Posthuman Subjectivities
Curtis D. Carbonell

17. Desire and Uncertainty: Representations of Cybersex in Film and Television
Hilary Wheaton

18. At Home In and Beyond Our Skin: Posthuman Embodiment in Film and Television
Joel Krueger

19. Constructed Worlds: Posthumanism in Film, Television and Other Cosmopoietic Media
Ivan Callus

20. Games, Gamers and Posthumanism
Tanya Krzywinska, Douglas Brown

Part V. Better Humans: Posthuman Capacities

21. ‘Life’s a bitch, and then you don’t die’: Postmortality in Film and Television
Michael Hauskeller

22. A New Lease on Life: A Lacanian Analysis of Cognitive Enhancement Cinema
Hub Zwart

23. Limitless? There’s a Pill for That: Filmic Representation as Equipment for Living
Kyle McNease

24. Posthumans and Democracy in Popular Culture
James J. Hughes

25. Negative Feelings as Emotional Enhancement in Cinema: The Case of Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise Trilogy
Tarja Laine

Part VI. Creating Difference and Identity: Posthuman Communities

26. Biopleasures: Posthumanism and the Technological Imaginary in Utopian and Dystopian Film
Ralph Pordzik

27. Of Posthuman Born: Gender, Utopia and the Posthuman in Films and TV
Francesca Ferrando

28. Sharing Social Context: Is Community with the Posthuman Possible?
David Meeler, Eric Hill

29. Our Posthuman Skin Condition
Teodora Manea

30. Muddy Worlds: Re-Viewing Environmental Narratives
John Bruni

Part VII. Us and Them: Posthuman Relationships

31. Executing Species: Animal Attractions in Thomas Edison and Douglas Gordon
Anat Pick

32. The Sun Never Set on the Human Empire: Haunts of Humanism in the Planet of the Apes Films
Phil Henderson

33. Uncanny Intimacies: Humans and Machines in Film
Alexander Darius Ornella

34. Posthumanous Subjects
Steen Christiansen

35. Identity: Difficulties, Discontinuities and Pluralities of Personhood
James DiGiovanna

Part VIII. More Human than Human: Posthuman Ontologies

36. The Final Frontier? Religion and Posthumanism in Film and Television
Elaine Graham

37. The Ghost in the Machine: Humanity and the Problem of Self-Aware Information
Brett Lunceford

38. ‘Trust a Few, Fear the Rest’: The Anxiety and Fantasy of Human Evolution
Pramod K. Nayar

39. Onscreen Ontology: Stages in the Posthumanist Paradigm Shift
Thomas D. Philbeck

40. Object-Oriented Ontology
Graham Harman

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