Semenza, Greg Colón

How to Build a Life in the Humanities

Semenza, Greg Colón - How to Build a Life in the Humanities, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Greg Colón Semenza, Garrett A. Sullivan

Part I. Professional Life

2. Life in a Liberal Arts College
William Pannapacker

3. Life in a Community College: A Day in the Life of a Community College English Professor
Rob Jenkins

4. Life in a Research University
Barry V. Qualls

5. Teaching
Garrett A. Sullivan

6. Grading
Karen J. Renner

7. Departmental and University Citizenship
Claire Bond Potter

8. Research and the Public: The Perils of Public Engagement
Brendan Kane

Part II. Personal Life

9. Imposter Phenomenon
Natalie M. Houston

10. Academic Guilt
Giuseppina Iacono Lobo

11. Depression: Post-Tenure and Beyond
Greg Colón Semenza

12. Downtime
Christina M. Fitzgerald

13. Maternity
Kristen Ghodsee

14. Life with Children: Children on Campus
Michael Bérubé

15. Life without Children
Sean Grass, Iris V. Rivero

16. Aging: “Why Should Not Old Men Be Mad?”
Eric Lorentzen

Part III. Diverse Lives

17. Class
Simon Yarrow

18. Religion: Faith in Academics
Kristen Poole

19. Race/Ethnicity: Race and the Academy
Cathy J. Schlund-Vials

20. Gender: Spinster Panic
Claudia Calhoun

21. Disability: Representation, Disclosure, Access, and Interdependence
Brenda Jo Brueggemann, Stephanie Kerschbaum

22. Sexual Orientation: Lost and Found—Storytelling, Mentorship, and Ethical Responsibility
Margaret Sönser Breen

Part IV. Life Off the Tenure Track

23. Life As an Adjunct: What Should Parents Know (and What Can They Do)?
Joseph Fruscione

24. Life As an Adjunct: What Should Parents Know (and What Can They Do)?
Alex Galarza

25. Life After Retirement: Two Alternatives in Dialogue
Valerie Wayne, Linda Woodbridge

26. Life After Academe: Giving Up Tenure? Who Does That?
Anne Trubek

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