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Income Contingent Loans

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Table of contents

1. Introduction and Summary
Bruce Chapman, Timothy Higgins, Joseph E. Stiglitz

1. Income Contingent Loans: Background

2. Income Contingent Loans: Background
Bruce Chapman

Part I. Towards a Theory of Income Contingent Loans

3. Remarks on Income Contingent Loans: How Effective can they be at Mitigating Risk?
Joseph E. Stiglitz

4. Income Contingent Loans as a Risk Management Device
John Quiggin

5. Income Contingent Loans: Toward a Piecewise Linear Scheme
Ngo Van Long

Part II. Practice in Higher Education

6. Income Contingent Loans and Higher Education Financing: Theory and Practice
Nicholas Barr

7. The Challenge of Sustaining Student Loans Systems: Lessons from Chile and Colombia
Jamil Salmi

8. The Implications of Graduate Labor Market Performance in Designing a Student Loan Scheme for Malaysia
Lim Hock-Eam, Russayani Ismail, Yusnidah Ibrahim

9. Modeling Aggregate Loans Recovery of the Student Loans Fund in Thailand
Kiatanantha Lounkaew

10. Why Don’t We Just Give Them the Money? Financing Living Expenses of Students in Germany
Barbara S. Grave, Mathias Sinning

Part III. Prospects Beyond Higher Education

11. Improving Paid Parental Leave through Income Contingent Loans
Timothy Higgins

12. Internationalisation of ICLs to deal with Human Capital Trade Imbalances
Philip Clarke, Bruce Chapman

13. The Role of Contingent Loans in Providing Equitable Access to Legal Aid
Richard Denniss

14. Income Contingent Loans for Business Innovation
Nitin Gupta, Glenn Withers

15. Using Income Contingent Loans to Pay for Health Care
Rhema Vaithianathan

16. Elderly Support Policies as Resource Contingent Loans
Rafal Chomik, John Piggott

17. Income Contingent Loans for the Unemployed: A Prelude to a General Theory of the Efficient Provision of Social Insurance
Joseph E. Stiglitz, Jungyoll Yun

Part IV. Commentary

18. Overemphasized Costs and Underemphasized Benefits of Income Contingent Financing
Miguel Palacios

19. Aid Programs for Higher Education
Jungyoll Yun

20. Income Contingent Loans for Higher Education and Beyond
María Racionero

21. Why Don’t We See More Use of Income Contingent Loans?
John Quiggin

22. Future Directions for Income Contingent Loan Theory
Glenn Withers

23. Utilising the Transactional Efficiencies of Contingent Loans — A General Framework for Policy Application
Richard Denniss

Keywords: Economics, Regional/Spatial Science, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, Economic Policy, Political Economy, Development Economics, International Economics

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International Economic Association Series
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