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George, Susan A.

Supernatural, Humanity, and the Soul

George, Susan A. - <Emphasis Type="Italic">Supernatural</Emphasis>, Humanity, and the Soul, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Highway to Hell and Back
Regina M. Hansen, Susan A. George

I. Religion, Theology, and Philosophy through a Supernatural Lens

2. Deconstructing the Apocalypse? Supernatural’s Postmodern Appropriation of Angelic Hierarchies
Regina M. Hansen

3. The Greatest of These: The Theological Virtues and the Problem of an Absent God in Supernatural
Elisabeth G. Wolfe

4. Suffering Nuclear Reactors: Depictions of the Soul from Plato to Supernatural
Patricia L. Grosse

5. “We’re Justchrw… Food and Perverse Entertainment”: Supernatural’s New God and the Narrative Objectification of Sam and Dean
K. T. Torrey

II. “Killing Evil Things” or Not—Supernatural‘s Complex Considerations of Monstrosity

6. All Dogs Come from Hell: Supernatural’s Canine Connection
Sharon D. King

7. “This Isn’t Wall Street, This Is Hell!”: Corporate America as the Biggest Supernatural Bad of All
Erin Giannini

8. The Hunter Hunted: The Portrayal of the Fan as Predator in Supernatural
Cait Coker, Candace Benefiel

9. “A Shot on the Devil”: Female Hunters and the Identification of Evil in Supernatural
Ralph Beliveau, Laura Bolf-Beliveau

10. All That Glitters: The Winchester Boys and Fairy Tales
Rebecca-Anne C. Rozario

III. Men, Women, and Supernatural

11. A Man and His 1967 Impala: Supernatural, U.S. Car Culture, and the Masculinity of Dean Winchester
Susan A. George

12. “How Is That Not Rape-y?”: Dean as Anti-Bella and Feminism without Women in Supernatural
Rhonda Nicol

13. God, the Devil, and John Winchester: Failures of Patriarchy in Supernatural
Charlotte E. Howell

14. Who’s Your Daddy?: Father Trumps Fate in Supernatural
Lugene Rosen

15. Metal and Rust: Postindustrial White Masculinity and Supernatural’s Classic Rock Canon
Gregory J. Robinson

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Film and Television Studies, Religion and Society, Regional and Cultural Studies, Arts, Cultural Studies, Media Research

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