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War, Demobilization and Memory

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Table of contents

Part I. Rethinking the Legacy of Conflict in the Era of Atlantic Revolutions

1. Introduction: War, Demobilization and Memory in the Era of Atlantic Revolutions
Alan Forrest, Karen Hagemann, Michael Rowe

2. The Birth of Militarism in the Age of Democratic Revolutions
David A. Bell

Part II. Peace Making, Occupation and Military Demobilization

3. Making Peace: The Allied Occupation of France, 1815–1818
Christine Haynes

4. The Experience of Demobilization: War Veterans in the Central European Armies and Societies after 1815
Leighton S. James

5. War, Economy and Utopianism: Russia after the Napoleonic Era
Janet M. Hartley

6. Arms for Revolutions: Military Demobilization after the Napoleonic Wars and Latin American Independence
Rafe Blaufarb

Part III. The Aftermath of War in Politics and Political Culture

7. North Carolina and the New Nation: Reconstruction and Reconciliation Efforts in the 1780s
John R. Maass

8. The Issue of Citizenship: Jews, Germans and the Contested Legacy of the Napoleonic Wars
Michael Rowe

9. The Costs of War: The Impact of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in Italian Postwar Politics
John A. Davis

10. The Challenges of Peace: The High Politics of Postwar Reconstruction in Britain, 1815–1830
John Bew

11. The Gender Order of Postwar Politics: Comparing Spanish South America and Spain, 1810s–1850s
Catherine Davies

Part IV. Restoring Postwar Economies and Reordering Societies

12. Remembering and Restoring the Economic Ancien Régime: France and Its Colonies, 1815–1830
David Todd

13. Postwar Cities: The Cost of the Wars of 1813–1815 on Society in Hamburg and Leipzig
Katherine B. Aaslestad

14. Rewarding Loyalty after the Wars of Independence in Spanish America: Displaced Bureaucrats in Cuba
Sarah C. Chambers

15. Enterprising Women and War Profiteers: Race, Gender and Power in the Revolutionary Caribbean
Kit Candlin, Cassandra Pybus

Part V. Postwar Cultures and Contested War Memories

16. Seductive Sedition: New Hampshire Loyalists’ Experiences and Memories of the American Revolutionary Wars
Gregory T. Knouff

17. Moscow after Napoleon: Reconciliation, Rebuilding, and Contested Memories
Alexander M. Martin

18. Creating Cultural Difference: The Military, Political and Cultural Legacy of the Anglo-American War of 1812–1815
Andrew Lambert

19. Creating National Heroes: Simón Bolívar and the Memories of the Spanish American Wars of Independence
Matthew Brown

20. Celebration, Contestation and Commemoration: The Battle of Leipzig in German Memories of the Anti-Napoleonic Wars
Karen Hagemann

21. Contrasting Memories: Remembering Waterloo in France and Britain
Alan Forrest

Part VI. Conclusion

22. Atlantic Revolutions, Imperial Wars, Post-Napoleonic Legacies, and Postcolonial Studies
Lloyd Kramer

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War, Culture and Society, 1750–1850
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