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The Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Lonnie L. Rowell, Catherine D. Bruce, Joseph M. Shosh, Margaret M. Riel

Part I. Background and Contexts

2. Critical Participatory Action Research
Robin McTaggart, Rhonda Nixon, Stephen Kemmis

3. Informal Action Research: The Nature and Contribution of Everyday Classroom Inquiry
Clive Beck

4. Emancipatory Action Research as a Critical Living Praxis: From Dominant Narratives to Counternarrative
Margaret Ledwith

5. Knowledge Democracy and Action Research: Pathways for the Twenty-First Century
Lonnie L. Rowell, Eunsook Hong

6. Defining Action Research: On Dialogic Spaces for Constructing Shared Meanings
Lonnie L. Rowell, Margaret M. Riel, Elena Yu. Polush

Part II. A World of Action Research

7. Action Research in the Canadian Context
Kurt W. Clausen

8. An Emergent History of Educational Action Research in the English-Speaking World
Allan Feldman

9. Participation and the Work of the Imagination: A Colombian Retrospective
Joanne Rappaport

10. Action Research and Participatory Research in Brazil
Michel Thiollent, Maria Madalena Colette

11. Community Action Research in Ireland: Improving Educational Outcomes Through Collaboration in the Dublin Docklands
Josephine Bleach

12. Creating a Pedagogy of Vocational Training for Young People Not in Education, Employment, or Training
Gil Mason, Joan Walton

13. The Experience of Lesson Study in the UK
Phil Wood, Alison Fox, Julie Norton, Maarten Tas

14. A Snapshot of Action Research in and by Higher Education in Southern Africa
Lesley Wood, Catherine Dean, Pieter Toit, Omar Esau, Angela James, Paul Mokhele, Ansurie Pillay

15. Community-Led Mapping for Empowerment: Collectivizing Adults for Action in the Slums of India
Manoj Rai

16. Learning About Action Research in and From the Middle East
Jean McNiff

17. Transformative Education for Gross National Happiness: A Teacher Action Research Project in Bhutan
Rosalind Cooper, Timothy Bedford

18. Action Research in the Sri Lankan Education System
: A Historical Perspective
Godwin Kodituwakku

19. The Status of Action Research in the People’s Republic of China: A Review of Recent Literature
Lin Yuan

20. Using Action Research for Educational Reform in the Nation of Mongolia: A Catalyst for Democratic Transformation
Candace Kaye, Jadambaa Badrakh, Narantsetseg Dorjgotov, Batdelger Jamsrandorj, Baigalmaa Chultum, Altangoo Orchirbat

21. Educational Action Research in South Korea: Finding New Meanings in Practitioner-Based Research
Mina Kim, So Jung Kim

22. Transforming Educational Practice Through Action Research: Three Australian Examples
Janette Bobis, Robyn Ewing

Part III. Action Research Networks in Local and Global Contexts

23. Networking at the Grassroots Level: Action Research Partnerships in Education
Suzy Thomas

24. Practice and Theory in Action Research: Living-Theories as Frameworks for Action
Jack Whitehead

25. Maintaining a Network of Critical Connections over Time and Space: The Case of CARN, the Collaborative Action Research Network
Ruth Balogh, Mary McAteer, Una Hanley

26. Action Learning and Action Research Association (ALARA): History, Culture, and Sustainability
Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Ron Passfield

27. Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA)
Rajesh Tandon

28. Action Research Within the Tradition of Nordic Countries
Karin Rönnerman, Petri Salo

29. Pedagogy Education Praxis Network (PEP): International Research Program
Stephen Kemmis, Karin Rönnerman, Christine Edwards Groves

30. The Action Research Network of the Americas (ARNA): Constructing a New Network of North-South Convergence
Joseph M. Shosh, Lonnie L. Rowell, Margaret M. Riel, Catherine D. Bruce

Part IV. Challenges, Tensions, and Issues in the Expanding Conceptions of Action Research

31. Ethical, Epistemic, and Political Issues in Equity-Oriented Collaborative Community-Based Research
Samara S. Foster, Ronald David Glass

32. Affecting a High School Culture of Writing: Issues and Dilemmas in Participatory Action Research
Terry Locke, Shaun Hawthorne

33. Organisational Change in Non-Profit Human Services: Reflections on a Collaborative Action Research Approach to Working with Child, Youth, and Family Organisations
Robert Urquhart, Michael Wearing

34. Donor Influence in Community-Based Action Research: A Typology for Advancing Reflexive Decision-Making to Protect Essential Participatory Values
David P. Moxley, Valerie Thompson, Zermarie Deacon

35. Praxis and Axis: Theory as Practice in a Melanesian Case Study
Anitra Nelson, Natalie Moxham

36. Through a Lens of Reinterpretation: Roles in Facilitated Action Research
Rachel Perry, Tim McGarry

37. Inside the Outside: Reflections on a Researcher’s Positionality/Multiple “I’s”
Nathalis Wamba

38. Digital Technology in Service of Action Research
Margaret M. Riel

39. Toward the Construction of a Local Knowledge Base on Teaching and Learning by and for Teachers and Learners
Joseph M. Shosh

40. Action Research and the Development of Expertise: Rethinking Teacher Education
Margaret M. Riel, Lonnie L. Rowell

Part V. Case Studies in Action Research

41. Arts-Based and Participatory Action Research with Recycling Cooperatives
Jutta Gutberlet, Bruno Jayme Oliveira, Crystal Tremblay

42. Border Pedagogy and Orientación y Tutoría: A Case Study of USA–Mexico Collaborative Action Research
Shelley Barajas-Leyva, Lonnie L. Rowell

43. E-readers’ Impact on Early Readers’ Engagement and Literacy Achievement
Alicia Wenzel, Cheryl Peterson

44. Commentary on the Action Research Laboratory: A US School-based Action Research Program
Joseph C. Senese

45. Fostering a School-Community Partnership for Mutual Learning and Development: A Participatory Action Learning and Action Research Approach
Lesley Wood, Bruce Damons

Part VI. Looking Ahead

46. Learning Together: Dialogue, Collaboration, and Reciprocal Transformation in a Nicaraguan Educational Program
Sharon M. Ravitch, Matthew J. Tarditi, Nayibe Montenegro, Duilio Baltodano, Eveling Estrada

47. Participatory Action Research for Recovery of the Senses and Sources of Historic Memory
César Osorio Sánchez

48. Linking Foresight and Action: Toward a Futures Action Research
José Ramos

49. Toward a Strategic Agenda for Global Action Research: Reflections on Alternative Globalization
Lonnie L. Rowell, Ruth Balogh, Christine Edwards-Groves, Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Doris Santos, Joseph M. Shosh

50. Erratum: The Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research
Lonnie L. Rowell, Joseph M. Shosh, Catherine D. Bruce, Margaret M. Riel

Keywords: Education, International and Comparative Education, Social Sciences, general, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, multidisciplinary

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