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The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Ethnography

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Table of contents

1. General Introduction: What Ethnography Tells Us about Prisons and What Prisons Tell Us about Ethnography
Deborah H. Drake, Rod Earle, Jennifer Sloan

Part I. About Prison Ethnography

2. Research ‘Inside’ Viewed from ‘Outside’: Reflections on Prison Ethnography
Martyn Hammersley

3. Walking amongst the Graves of the Living: Reflections about Doing Prison Research from an Abolitionist Perspective
David Scott

4. Prisons Research beyond the Conventional: Dialogue, ‘Creating Miracles’ and Staying Sane in a Maximum-Security Prison
Alison Liebling, Helen Arnold, Christina Straub

5. ‘Get In, Get Out, Go Back?’: Transitioning from Prison Ethnography to Prison Policy Research in Russia
Laura Piacentini

6. Ethnography of Writings in Prison: Professional Power Struggles Surrounding a Digital Notebook in a Prison for Minors
Gilles Chantraine, Nicolas Sallée

7. Closeness, Distance and Honesty in Prison Ethnography
Ben Crewe, Alice Ievins

8. Going in Green: Reflections on the Challenges of ‘Getting In, Getting On, and Getting Out’ for Doctoral Prisons Researchers
Jennifer Sloan, Serena Wright

Part II. Through Prison Ethnography

9. Performing Ethnography: Infiltrating Prison Spaces
Andrew M. Jefferson

10. The Perfume of Sweat: Prison Research through Deleuzian Lenses
Elisabeth Fransson, Berit Johnsen

11. Ethnography: Exploring Methodological Nuances in Feminist Research with Men Incarcerated for Sexual Offences
Benita Moolman

12. Writing Bad: Prison Ethnography and the Problem of ‘Tone
James B. Waldram

13. Prison Ethnography at the Threshold of Race, Reflexivity and Difference
Rod Earle, Coretta Phillips

14. Finding Secrets and Secret Findings: Confronting the Limits of the Ethnographer’s Gaze
Deborah H. Drake

15. Ethnographic Imagination in the Field of the Prison
Lorna A. Rhodes

Part III. Of Prison Ethnography

16. Insider Ethnography or the Tale of the Prison Governor’s New Clothes
Jamie Bennett

17. Changing Hats: Transiting between Practitioner and Researcher Roles
Lilian Ayete-Nyampong

18. ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’: Having Faith in the Prison Researcher
Lindsay Whetter

19. Situating the Self in Prison Research: Power, Identity and Epistemology
Abigail Rowe

20. Re-entry to Prison: Transition from HMP Researcher to ‘Independent’ Researcher
Lucy Carr

21. The Ethnographic Practitioner
Joel Harvey

Part IV. For Prison Ethnography

22. Global Prison Ethnography
Thomas Ugelvik

23. Accessing and Witnessing Prison Practice in Uganda
Tomas Max Martin

24. Deviation and Limitations of (Prison) Ethnography: Postscript to Fieldwork in an Indian Prison
Mahuya Bandyopadhyay

25. Unique Position: Dual Identities as Prison Researcher and Ex-prisoner
William Davies

26. Mixing Detention Cultures: The Belgian–Dutch Case
Kristel Beyens, Miranda Boone

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Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology
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