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The Palgrave Handbook of Sexuality Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to The Palgrave Handbook of Sexuality Education
Louisa Allen, Mary Lou Rasmussen

Part I. Part I

2. ‘Sex and History’: Talking Sex with Objects from the Past
Kate Fisher, Jen Grove, Rebecca Langlands

3. The Manufacture of Consensus: The Development of United Nations Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education
Ekua Yankah, Peter Aggleton

4. Sexuality Education in Ghana and Mozambique: An Examination of Colonising Assemblages Informing School-based Sexuality Education Initiatives
Esther Miedema, Georgina Yaa Oduro

5. More than “Just Learning About the Organs”: Embodied Story Telling as a Basis for Learning About Sex and Relationships
Kate Senior, Richard Chenhall

6. Faith, Progressive Sexuality Education, and Queer Secularism: Unsettling Associations
Mary Lou Rasmussen

7. The Cultural Politics of Sex Education in the Nordics
Stine H. Bang Svendsen

8. Teaching Sexuality, Teaching Religion: Sexuality Education and Religion in Canada
Heather Shipley

9. A Radical Plurality: Re-thinking Cultural and Religious Diversity in Sexuality Education
Louisa Allen, Kathleen Quinlivan

10. Learning from the Learners: How Research with Young People Can Provide Models of Good Pedagogic Practice in Sexuality Education in South Africa
Rob Pattman, Deevia Bhana

Part II. Part II

11. Sexuality Education in Early Childhood
Kerry H. Robinson, Cristyn Davies

12. Preschool Sexuality Education?!
Karin A. Martin, Lacey Bobier

13. Pleasurable Blackness
Jennifer C. Nash

14. Sexuality Education in the Context of Mass Incarceration: Interruptions and Entanglements
Jessica Fields, Signy Toquinto

15. Sex Education, Youth, and Advocacy: Sexual Literacy, Critical Media, and Intergenerational Sex Education(s)
Marisa Ragonese, Christin P. Bowman, Deborah L. Tolman

16. Immigration, Undocumented Students, and Sexuality Education in Schools: Collapsing Borders
Leigh Patel, Lauren P. Saenz

17. Critically Sex/Ed: Asking Critical Questions of Neoliberal Truths in Sexuality Education
Laina Y. Bay-Cheng

18. Intersex Bodies in Sexuality Education: On the Edge of Cultural Difference
Annette Brömdal, Mary Lou Rasmussen, Fida Sanjakdar, Louisa Allen, Kathleen Quinlivan

19. ‘Getting It Right’? Producing Race and Gender in the Neoliberal School Based Sexuality Education Assemblage
Kathleen Quinlivan

Part III. Part III

20. What Does the News Teach Young People About Sex?
Despina Chronaki

21. Touching Affect: The Pedagogy of Intimate and Banal Moments in Glee
Kyra Clarke

22. Learning About Mobile Sexual Identities from Queer as Folk
Rob Cover

23. Catolicadas: A Sexuality Education Animated Series
Evelyn Aldaz, Sandra Fosado, Ana Amuchástegui

24. Sex Bait: Sex Talk on Commercial Blogs as Informal Sexuality Education
Crystal Abidin

25. Social Media Bodies: Revealing the Entanglement of Sexual Well-being, Mental Health, and Social Media in Education
Natalie Ann Hendry

26. From Media Abstinence to Media Production: Sexting, Young People and Education
Kath Albury, Amy Adele Hasinoff, Theresa Senft

Part IV. Part IV

27. Adolescence, Trans Phenomena, and the Politics of Sexuality Education
Gabrielle Owen

28. Possibilities for Pleasure: A Creative Approach to Including Pleasure in Sexuality Education
Ester McGeeney

29. Queer Departures into More-Than-Human Worlds
Affrica Taylor, Mindy Blaise

30. The Power of Things! A ‘New’ Ontology of Sexuality at School
Louisa Allen

31. Pin-Balling and Boners: The Posthuman Phallus and Intra-Activist Sexuality Assemblages in Secondary School
Emma Renold, Jessica Ringrose

32. Materialism and Micropolitics in Sexualities Education Research
Pam Alldred, Nick J. Fox

33. ‘Not Better, Just Different’: Reassembling Sexuality Education Research Through the Deleuzian ‘Posts’
Ian Thomas

34. Erratum to: ‘Sex and History’: Talking Sex with Objects from the Past
Kate Fisher, Jen Grove, Rebecca Langlands

Keywords: Education, Gender and Education, Gender Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology of Education, Cultural and Media Studies, general

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