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Anti-social Behaviour in Britain

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Table of contents

Part I. Anti-social Behaviour, the Urban Environment and Public Spaces

1. A Less than Polite People? Incivility, Ruffianism and Anti-Social Behaviour in Urban England, 1830–1900
Neil Davie

2. Anti-social City: Science and Crime in late Victorian Britain
Trevor Harris

3. Greater Expectations: Intolerance and Control of Public Space Anti-social Behaviour in the Nineteenth and Twenty-first Centuries
Craig Johnstone

4. Anti-social Behaviour and ‘Civilizing’ Regulation in the British City: Comparing Victorian and Contemporary Eras
John Flint, Ryan Powell

5. From Scurrilous Periodical to the Public Platform. Policing Blasphemers and Anti-social Behaviour: Constructing the Public Peace Then and Now
David Nash

6. Anarchists, Authorities and the Battle for Public Space, 1880–1914: Recasting Political Protest as Anti-social Behaviour
Constance Bantman

7. Keep Them Kettled! Student Protests, Policing and Anti-social Behaviour
Sarah Pickard

8. Anti-social Behaviour and the London ‘Riots’: Social Meaning-making of the Anti-social
Christian Morgner

9. The Aesthetics of Anti-social Behaviour
Andrew Millie

Part II. Anti-social Behaviour, the Vulnerable and the Marginalized

10. Addressing Juvenile Anti-social Behaviour in Victorian England: Mary Carpenter and the Reformatory Schools
Aurélie Baudry-Paimer

11. Truancy and Anti-social Behaviour in England in the late Victorian Era and under New Labour: Plus ça Change
Anne Beauvallet

12. The Politics of ‘Anti-Social’ Behaviour within the ‘Troubled Families’ Programme
Sue Bond-Taylor

13. Anti-Social Behaviour among Homeless People: Assumptions or Reality?
Jamie Harding, Adele Irving

14. Is Nomadism the ‘Problem? The Social Construction of Gypsies and Travellers as Perpetrators of ‘Anti-social’ Behaviour in Britain
Colin Clark, Becky Taylor

15. The Complexities, Contradictions and Consequences of Being ‘Anti-social’ in Northern Ireland
Sinéad Gormally

16. Policing the Margins: Anti-Social Behaviour and the ‘Underclass Discourse’
Didier Lassalle

17. Anti-social Behaviour and the Vulnerable Public
Stuart Waiton

18. Anti-Social Behaviour: Marginality, Intolerance and the ‘Usual Suspects’
Peter Squires

19. The Anti-sociality of Anti-social Behaviour Policy
Emma Bell

Part III. Anti-social Behaviour, Recreation and Leisure

20. ‘Roughs on the Turf and’ suburban Saturnalia’: Anti-social Behaviour on Victorian Racecourses
Emmanuel Roudaut

21. Victorian Respectability, ‘Anti-social Behaviour’ and the Music Hall, 1880–1900
John Mullen

22. Drunkenness, Anti-social Behaviour, Class, Gender and Alcohol in the Making of the Habitual Drunkards Act, 1870–79
An Vleugels

23. Symbolism and the ‘Free Market’: The Regulation of Alcohol and Anti-social Behaviour Past and Present
Deborah Talbot

24. Psychotic (e)states: Where Anti-social Behaviour is Merged with Recreational Drug Use to Signify the Social Problem Group
Shane Blackman, Andrew Wilson

25. Regulating Anti-Social Behaviour and Disorder among Football Spectators
Mark James, Geoff Pearson

26. Conclusions
Sarah Pickard

Keywords: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Crime and Society, Social History, Political Sociology, British Politics, Criminology and Criminal Justice, general, Sociology, general

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