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Peasant Petitions

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction: Understanding the Rural Societies of the British Isles

1. ‘Unimportant minorities’: the landholding peasantry of Britain and Ireland, c. 1600–1850
R. A. Houston

2. People above and below: ‘landlordism’, ‘estate studies’, and relationships between owners and workers of land
R. A. Houston

3. Methodologies: the practice and theory of petitions, and the choice of estates
R. A. Houston

Part II. Landed Estates: Personnel, Organisation, Documentation, and Elements of Variance

4. Stewards and other estate officials
R. A. Houston

5. The estates and the petitions
R. A. Houston

6. Petitions and the rhythms of estate life
R. A. Houston

7. Empty spaces: the missing estate petitions of eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century Wales
R. A. Houston

Part III. Authorship, Physical form, and Written Style of Petitions

8. Authenticity and authorship
R. A. Houston

9. Physical form
R. A. Houston

10. Address
R. A. Houston

11. Ending
R. A. Houston

12. Delivery and receipt
R. A. Houston

Part IV. The Content of Petitions

13. The north of Ireland, c. 1750–1850
R. A. Houston

14. North-West England, c. 1600–1800
R. A. Houston

15. The Highland margin of Scotland, c. 1770–1860
R. A. Houston

Part V. Land, Psychology, and the ‘Hard Surfaces of Life’: Asking for Poor Relief on Landed Estates

16. Poverty and self-help in north-west England and Wales
R. A. Houston

17. Petitioning for relief on Breadalbane: estate policy, family life, and strategies for care
R. A. Houston

18. Poverty and its relief in the north of Ireland: the place of the estate
R. A. Houston

19. Psychology and necessity: attachment to the land in parts of Scotland and Ireland
R. A. Houston

Part VI. Conclusion: The Landlords and Tenants of Britain and Ireland

20. Paternalism and deference
R. A. Houston

21. Oppressions, freedoms, and their politico-legal context
R. A. Houston

22. The texture of rural society in parts of Britain and Ireland
R. A. Houston

Keywords: History, Cultural History, History of Britain and Ireland, Social History, Modern History

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