Dongen, Luc

Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War

Dongen, Luc - Transnational Anti-Communism and the Cold War, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Luc Dongen, Stéphanie Roulin, Giles Scott-Smith

Part I. The Wurlitzer Revisited

2. The American Society of African Culture: The CIA and Transnational Networks of African Diaspora Intellectuals in the Cold War
Hugh Wilford

3. The Nordic Trade Union Movement and Transnational Anti-Communist Networks in the Early Cold War
Dino Knudsen

4. “Brother Tronchet”: A Swiss Trade Union Leader within the US Sphere of Influence
Luc Dongen

5. Not an “Ugly American”: Sal Tas, a Dutch Reporter as Agent of the West in Africa
Tity Vries

Part II. Transnational Networks

6. Paix et liberté: A Transnational Anti-Communist Network
Bernard Ludwig

7. The Assembly of Captive European Nations: A Transnational Organization and Tool of Anti-Communist Propaganda
Martin Nekola

8. The World Anti-Communist League: Origins, Structures and Activities
Pierre Abramovici

9. Interdoc, Western Anti-Communism and the Transnational Imperative
Giles Scott-Smith

10. The Heyday of Britain’s Cold War Think Tank: Brian Crozier and the Institute for the Study of Conflict, 1970–79
Jeffrey H. Michaels

11. A Global Crusade against Communism: The Cercle in the “Second Cold War”
Adrian Hänni

Part III. Intellectual Networks and Anti-Totalitarianism

12. The Sovietology of Józef M. Bocheński: Transnational Activism in Catholic Switzerland, 1955–65
Matthieu Gillabert

13. Suzanne Labin: Fifty Years of Anti-Communist Agitation
Olivier Dard

14. The Mont Pèlerin Society and the Rise of a Postwar Classical Liberal Counter-Establishment
Niels Bjerre-Poulsen

15. Better Dead Than Red: Wilhelm Röpke, a Neoliberal Anti-Communist on All Fronts
Jean Solchany

Part IV. Christian Networks

16. Transnational Fundamentalist Anti-Communism: The International Council of Christian Churches
Markku Ruotsila

17. The Comité international de défense de la civilisation chrétienne and the Transnationalization of Anti-Communist Propaganda in Western Europe after the Second World War
Johannes Grossmann

18. Bible Smuggling and Human Rights in the Cold War
Bent Boel

Keywords: History, Social History, Cultural History, World History, Global and Transnational History, Political History, Modern History, US History

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The Palgrave Macmillan Transnational History Series
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