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The Palgrave International Handbook of Healthcare Policy and Governance

Blank, Robert H. - The Palgrave International Handbook of Healthcare Policy and Governance, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Healthcare Policy and Governance in International Perspective
Ellen Kuhlmann, Robert H. Blank, Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Claus Wendt

Part I. Healthcare Policy and Global Governance

2. Healthcare Policy and Innovation
Richard B. Saltman

3. Global Healthcare Policy and the Austerity Agenda
Arne Ruckert, Ronald Labonté, Rylan H. Parker

4. Healthcare Policy and Finance
Claus Wendt

5. Primary Healthcare as a Global Healthcare Concept
Robin Gauld

6. Maternity Care as a Global Health Policy Issue
Cecilia Benoit, Eugene Declercq, Susan F. Murray, Jane Sandall, Edwin Teijlingen, Sirpa Wrede

7. Typologies of Healthcare Systems and Policies
Viola Burau, Robert H. Blank, Emmanuele Pavolini

8. Comparison of Healthcare Systems Performance
Irene Papanicolas, Jonathan Cylus

Part II. Health Policy Reform: Global Trends, Local Road Maps

9. Health Policy Reform in China
Vivian Lin, Hongwen Zhao

10. Health Policy in India: Some Critical Concerns
Gita Sen, Aditi Iyer

11. Health Policy Reform in Low-Income and Lower Middle-Income Countries in Southeast Asia
Goran Tomson, Olivia Biermann

12. Health Policy Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa
Alex E. Asakitikpi

13. Health Policy Reform in South America
Ligia Giovanella, Mariana Faria

14. Health Policy Reform in North America
Antonia Maioni, Theodore R. Marmor

15. Health Policy Reform in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union
Bernd Rechel

16. Health Policy in the European Union
Scott L. Greer, Margitta Mätzke

Part III. Health Human Resources Policy and Workforce Governance

17. Bringing the Health Workforce Challenge to the Policy Agenda
Gilles Dussault

18. Health Human Resources Policy in Europe
Ellen Kuhlmann, Peter P. Groenewegen, Ronald Batenburg, Christa Larsen

19. Deploying and Managing Health Human Resources
Ivy Lynn Bourgeault, Katelyn Merritt

20. Clinical Management and Professionalism
Ian Kirkpatrick, Kathy Hartley, Ellen Kuhlmann, Gianluca Veronesi

21. Health Worker Migration in Context
James Buchan

Part IV. Concepts of Health Policy and Governance

22. Mixed Governance and Healthcare Finance in East Asian Healthcare Systems
Robert H. Blank, Shou-Hsia Cheng

23. Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare
A. Venkat Raman, James Warner Björkman

24. Financial Incentives and the Governance of Performance
Ruth McDonald

25. Decentralization and Health System Governance
Scott L. Greer, Elize Massard Fonseca

26. Leadership and Innovation in Healthcare Governance
Jean-Louis Denis, Nicolette Gestel

Part V. Areas of Health Policy and Governance

27. Governing Public Hospitals
Antonio Durán, Richard B. Saltman

28. Long-Term Care Policies
Emmanuele Pavolini, Hildegard Theobald

29. Mental Health Policy and Governance
Joan Busfield

30. Health Policy and Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Mike Saks

31. Governing Regenerative Medicine
Andrew Webster, Alex Faulkner

32. E-Health Policy and Benchmarking in the European Union
Wendy L. Currie, Jonathan J. M. Seddon

Part VI. Healthcare Policy and the Equality Gap

33. Equity in Health Reform
Marc J. Roberts

34. Citizenship and Healthcare Policy
Sigrun Olafsdottir, Elyas Bakhtiari

35. Gender and Healthcare Policy
Ellen Kuhlmann, Ellen Annandale

36. Addressing Violence against Women in Health Policies
Avni Amin, Eszter Kismödi, Claudia García-Moreno

37. Ethnic Minority Groups in Healthcare Governance
Hurriyet Babacan, Narayan Gopalkrishnan

38. European Policies on Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants
Ewout Ginneken, Bradford H. Gray

39. Ethics of Healthcare Policy and the Concept of Solidarity
Barbara Prainsack, Alena Buyx

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Public Policy, Social Policy, Social Work and Community Development, Social Care, Medicine/Public Health, general, Public Health

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