Pullen, Christopher

Queer Youth and Media Cultures

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Christopher Pullen

Part I. Performance and Culture

2. Stories like Mine: Coming Out Videos and Queer Identities on YouTube
Bryan Wuest

3. Transgender Youth and YouTube Videos: Self-Representation and Five Identifiable Trans Youth Narratives
Matthew G. O’Neill

4. ‘A Safe and Supportive Environment’: LGBTQ Youth and Social Media
Stephen Tropiano

5. Media Responses to Queer Youth Suicide: Trauma, Therapeutic Discourse and Co-Presence
Christopher Pullen

6. Sexually Marginalized Youth in the South: Narration Strategies and Discourse Coalitions in Newspaper Coverage of a Southern High School Gay-Straight Alliance Club Controversy
Skyler Lauderdale

7. ‘We’ve Got Big News’: Creating Media to Empower Queer Youth in Schools
Karyl Ketchum

Part II. Histories and Commodity

8. Talking Liberties: Framed Youth, Community Video and Channel 4’s Remit in Action
Ieuan Franklin

9. We Need to Talk about Jack! On the Representation of Male Homosexuality in American Teen Soaps
Mareike Jenner

10. Queering TV Conventions: LGBT Teen Narratives on Glee
Raffi Sarkissian

11. Boy Wizards: Magical and Homosocial Power in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The Covenant
Katherine Hughes

12. Androgynous Social Media and Visual Culture
Stephanie Selvick

13. Queer Youth Cyber-Bullying and Policing the Self-Brand
Taylor Nygaard

14. Looking at Complicated Desires: Gay Male Youth and Cinematic Representations of Age-Different Relationships
Kylo-Patrick R. Hart

Part III. Transnational Intersections

15. Straight Eye for the Queer Guy: Gay Youth in Contemporary Scandinavian Film
Anders Lysne

16. ‘Born This Way’: Media and Youth Identities in Uganda’s Kuchu Community
Melanie Butler, Paul Falzone

17. ‘Be Wary of Working Boys’: The Cultural Production of Queer Youth in Today’s West Africa
Noah Tsika

18. LGBT Student Groups at Universities and Their Usage of Social Media as a Public Sphere: A Case Analysis — luBUnya
İdil Engindeniz Şahan

19. Parties, Advocacy and Activism: Interrogating Community and Class in Digital Queer India
Rohit K. Dasgupta

20. The It Gets Better Project: A Study in (and of) Whiteness — in LGBT Youth and Media Cultures
Michael Johnson

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Regional and Cultural Studies, Film and Television Studies, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Media Studies

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