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Reframing Immersive Theatre

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Table of contents

1. Reframing Immersive Theatre: The Politics and Pragmatics of Participatory Performance
James Frieze

Part I. Participant as Co-designer: Critical Reflections

2. On Being Immersed: The Pleasure of Being: Washing, Feeding, Holding

Josephine Machon

3. In the Body of the Beholder: Insider Dynamics and Extended Audiencing Transform Dance Spectatorship in Sleep No More

Julia M. Ritter

4. Troubling Bodies in Follow the North Star

Ruth Laurion Bowman

5. Experiencing Michael Mayhew’s Away in a Manger: Spectatorial Immersion in Durational Performance
Roberta Mock

6. Integrating Realities Through Immersive Gaming
Lindsay Brandon Hunter

7. Negotiating the Possible Worlds of Uninvited Guests’ Make Better Please: A Hypertextual Experience
Elizabeth Swift

Outdoors: A Rimini Protokoll Theatre-Maze
Esther Belvis Pons

9. Immersed in Sound: Kursk and the Phenomenology of Aural Experience
George Home-Cook, Kristian Derek Ball

Part II. Facilitating Immersive Performance: Ethics and Practicalities

10. Reflections on Immersion and Interaction

Caravania!: Intimacy and Immersion for Family Audiences
Adam J. Ledger

12. A Dramaturgy of Participation: Participatory Rituals, Immersive Environments, and Interactive Gameplay in Hotel Medea

Jorge Lopes Ramos, Persis Jade Maravala

13. She Wants You to Kiss Her: Negotiating Risk in the Immersive Theatre Contract
Richard Talbot

14. The Fourth Wall and Other Ruins: Immersive Theatre as a Brand
Rachael Blyth

15. Immersive Performance and the Marketplace: The Hit

Sherrill Gow, Merryn Owen

Part III. Where Material Meets Magic: Theories, Histories, and Myths of Immersive Participation

16. Spectral Illusions: Ghostly Presence in Phantasmagoria Shows
Nele Wynants

17. Playing a Punchdrunk Game: Immersive Theatre and Videogaming
Rosemary Klich

18. Proximity to Violence: War, Games, Glitch
James R Ball

19. The Promise of Experience: Immersive Theatre in the Experience Economy
Adam Alston

20. Differences in Degree or Kind? Ockham’s Razor’s Not Until We Are Lost and Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable

Geraldine Harris

Coriolan/us and the Limits of ‘Immersive’
Andrew Filmer

22. Participation, Ecology, Cosmos
Carl Lavery

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Performing Arts, Media and Communication, Cultural Theory

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