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American Labor’s Global Ambassadors

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Robert Anthony Waters, Geert Goethem

Part I. The Global Activism of a National Trade Union

2. From Dollars to Deeds: Exploring the Sources of Active Interventionism, 1934–1945
Geert Goethem

3. The American Federation of Labor’s Cold War Campaign against “Slave Labor” at the United Nations
Quenby Olmsted Hughes

4. Marred by Dissimulation: The AFL-CIO, the Women’s Committee, and Transnational Labor Relations
Yevette Richards

Part II. The Heavy Hand: Labor’s Ambassadors in Europe

5. The AFL and CIO between “Crusade” and Pluralism in Italy, 1944–1963
Alessandro Brogi

6. The Influence of the American Federation of Labor on the Force Ouvrière, 1944–1954
Barrett Dower

7. AFL-CIO Support for Solidarity: Moral, Political, Financial
Eric Chenoweth

Part III. On a Mission: American Labor’s Ambassadors in Latin America and the Caribbean

8. Reforming Latin American Labor: The AFL-CIO and Latin America’s Cold War
Dustin Walcher

9. The AFL-CIO and ORIT in Latin America’s Andean Region, from the 1950s to the 1960s
Magaly Rodríguez García

10. More Subtle than We Knew: The AFL in the British Caribbean
Robert Anthony Waters

11. “Democracy and Freedom” in Brazilian Trade Unionism during the Civil-Military Dictatorship: The Activities of the American Institute for Free Labor Development
Larissa Rosa Corrêa

12. Chilean Workers and the US Labor Movement: From Solidarity to Intervention, 1950s–1970s
Angela Vergara

Part IV. A Diplomatic Touch: Labor’s Ambassadors in Africa and Asia

13. Irving Brown and ICFTU Labor Diplomacy during Algeria’s Struggle for Independence, 1954–1962
Mathilde Bülow

14. “We Will Follow a Nationalist Policy; but We Will Never Be Neutral”: American Labor and Neutralism in Cold War Africa, 1957–1962
John C. Stoner

15. “Free Labor versus Slave Labor”: Free Trade Unionism and the Challenge of War-Torn Asia
Edmund F. Wehrle

Part V. Conclusion

16. Transnational Labor Politics in the Global Cold War
Federico Romero

Keywords: History, Modern History, Cultural History, World History, Global and Transnational History, Sociology of Work, Economic History, Social History

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