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The Palgrave Handbook of Social Theory in Health, Illness and Medicine

Collyer, Fran - The Palgrave Handbook of Social Theory in Health, Illness and Medicine, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Sociology of Health, Illness and Medicine: Institutional Progress and Theoretical Frameworks
Fran Collyer, Graham Scambler

Part I. The Nineteenth-Century Theorists

2. Harriet Martineau and Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Forgotten Women in the Study of Gender and Health
Ellen Annandale

3. Karl Marx and Frederich Engels: Capitalism, Health and the Healthcare Industry
Fran Collyer

4. Florence Nightingale: A Research-Based Approach to Health, Healthcare and Hospital Safety
Lynn McDonald

5. Émile Durkheim: Social Order and Public Health
Kevin Dew

6. Émile Durkheim and Thomas Luckmann: Religion, Post-Christian Spirituality and Mental Health
Rosemary L. Aird

7. George Herbert Mead: Meanings and Selves in Illness
Linda Liska Belgrave, Kathy Charmaz

8. Max Weber: Bureaucracy, Formal Rationality and the Modern Hospital
William C. Cockerham

Part II. The Early Twentieth-Century Theorists

9. Ludwik Fleck: Thought Collectives and the Sociology of Medical Knowledge
Kevin White

10. Norbert Elias and Erving Goffman: Civilised-Dramaturgical Bodies, Social Status and Health Inequalities
Peter Freund

11. Alfred Schutz: The Co-construction of Meaning within Professional-Patient Interaction
Patrick Brown

12. Antonio Gramsci and Pierre Bourdieu: ‘Whiteness’ and Indigenous Healthcare
Angela Durey

Part III. The Mid-Twentieth-Century Theorists

13. Talcott Parsons: His Legacy and the Sociology of Health and Illness
Eileen Willis

14. Robert Merton: Occupational Roles, Social Status and Health Inequalities
Johannes Siegrist

15. George Libman Engel: The Biopsychosocial Model and the Construction of Medical Practice
Marilys Guillemin, Emma Barnard

16. Harold Garfinkel: Lessons on Emergent Behaviours in Complex Organisations
Peter Nugus, Jeffrey Braithwaite

17. Margaret Stacey: The Sociology of Health and Healing
Hannah Bradby

18. Erving Goffman: The Moral Career of Stigma and Mental Illness
Bernice A. Pescosolido

19. Eliot Freidson: Sociological Narratives of Professionalism and Modern Medicine
Michael Calnan

20. Ivan Illich and Irving Kenneth Zola: Disabling Médicalisation
Joseph E. Davis

21. Michel Foucault: Governmentality Health Policy and the Governance of Childhood Obesity
Julie Henderson

22. Niklas Luhmann: Social Systems Theory and the Translation of Public Health Research
Samantha Meyer, Barry Gibson, Paul Ward

23. Jürgen Habermas: Health and Healing Across the Lifeworld-System Divide
Graham Scambler

24. Pierre Bourdieu: Health Lifestyles, the Family and Social Class
Kate Huppatz

Part IV. The Late Twentieth Century and Theorists of the Present

25. Colin Leys and Colin Hay: Market-Driven Politics and the Depoliticisation of Healthcare
Heather Whiteside

26. Vicente Navarro: Marxism, Medical Dominance, Healthcare and Health
David Coburn

27. Anthony Giddens: Structuration, Drug Use, Food Choice and Long-Term Illness
Jonathan Gabe, Joana Almeida

28. Anthony Giddens: The Reflexive Self and the Consumption of Alternative Medicine
Kate Hughes

29. Anthony Giddens: Risk, Globalisation and Indigenous Public Health
Eileen Willis, Meryl Pearce

30. William C Cockerham: The Contemporary Sociology of Health Lifestyles
Brian P. Hinote

31. George Ritzer: Rationalisation, Consumerism and the McDonaldisation of Surgery
Justin Waring, Simon Bishop

32. Julia Kristeva: Abjection, Embodiment and Boundaries
Trudy Rudge

33. Magali Sarfatti Larson and Anne Witz: Professional Projects, Class and Gender
Ivy Lynn Bourgeault

34. Raewyn Connell: Hegemonic Masculinities, Gender and Male Health
John Scott

35. Raewyn Connell: Gender, Health and Healthcare
Maree Herrett, Toni Schofield

36. Donna Haraway: The Digital Cyborg Assemblage and the New Digital Health Technologies
Deborah Lupton

37. Mike Bury: Biographical Disruption and Long-Term and Other Health Conditions
Louise Locock, Sue Ziébland

38. Bryan S. Turner: Bringing Bodies and Citizenship into the Discussion of Disability
Gary L. Albrecht

39. Peter Conrad: The Médicalisation of Society
Simon Williams, Jonathan Gabe

40. Eva Feder Kittay: Dependency Work and the Social Division of Care
Michael Fine

41. Gøsta Esping-Andersen: Welfare Regimes and Social Inequalities in Health
Mikael Rostila

42. Bruno Latour: From Acting at a Distance Towards Matters of Concern in Patient Safety
Su-Yin Hor, Rick Iedema

43. Paul Farmer: Structural Violence and the Embodiment of Inequality
Fernando Maio

Keywords: Social Sciences, Social Theory, History of Medicine, Sociology, general, Medical Sociology, Public Health, Social Policy

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