Cobb, Russell

The Paradox of Authenticity in a Globalized World

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Artifice of Authenticity in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Russell Cobb

Part I. A Matter of Taste: Authenticity and Innovation in Food Culture

2. Authenticity, Tourism, and Cajun Cuisine in Lafayette, Louisiana
Michael S. Martin

3. Food Bureaucracy and the Making of Authentic Pizza
Rossella Ceccarini

4. Currying Flavor: Authenticity, Cultural Capital, and the Rise of Indian Food in the United Kingdom
Stephen A. Fielding

Part II. Performing the Real: Mediating Authenticity in Music, Television, and Publishing

5. Performing Cultural Authenticity in CBS’s Good Times

Nicola Mann

6. Buying into the Monastic Experience: Are Chant Recordings the Real Thing?
Amanda J. Haste

7. Ancient, Spiritual, and Indian: Exploring Narratives of Authenticity in Modern Yoga
Laura Christine Graham

Part III. Stereotypes, Clichés, and the Real Thing: Authenticity in Cultural Contact Zones

8. Toilets Tell Truth about People: 150 Years of Plumbing for “Real Japan”
Gavin James Campbell

9. Tourists as Primitives? Inverting the Tourist Gaze in The Lost Steps by Alejo Carpentier
Jeannine M. Pitas

10. The Database as a Distressed Genre
John Venecek

Part IV. Cut, Paste, Authenticate: Literary Studies and the Question of Authenticity

11. “There Is No Such Thing as Originality Anyway …”: Authorship in the Age of Digital Reproduction
Kaja Marczewska

12. “Like in the Gringo Movies”: Translatorese and the Global in Roberto Bolaño’s 2666

Juan Meneses

13. Norman Mailer, Hipsters, and the Authenticity of the White Negro
Katharine Bausch

14. Privileged Access: Constructed Memories and the Autobiographical Impulse
Katherine Edwards

Part V. Real Politics: The Cultural Politics of Authenticity

15. Beyond the Infinite Loop? Subjectivity in the Age of the Copy
James E. Block

16. Real Feminists and Fake Feminists
Kathryn Telling

17. The Narrative Power of Authentic Class Litigation
Michael Brandon Lopez

18. “That Old School Lonsdale”: Authenticity and Clothes in German Skinhead Culture
Aimar Ventsel

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology, general, Sociology of Culture, Regional and Cultural Studies, Cultural and Media Studies, general, Anthropology, Cultural Studies

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