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The Palgrave Handbook of International Labour Migration

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Conceptualizing a Pluralist Framework for Labour Migration
Marion Panizzon, Gottfried Zürcher, Elisa Fornalé

Part I. Mobility Regime Perspectives: A Multi-Level Governance

2. Trade, Migration and the Crisis of Globalization
Lucie Cerna, James Hollifield, William Hynes

3. Labour Migration, Trade and Investment: From Fragmentation to Coherence
Thomas Cottier, Charlotte Sieber-Gasser

4. GATS Mode 4 and Labour Mobility: The Significance of Employment Market Access
Johanna Jacobsson

Part II. Development Perspective: The Emerging Role of Private Sectors, Transnational Families and the Diaspora

5. Labour, Migration and Development: An Analysis of the Role of International Organizations and Civil Society
Jérôme Elie

6. Public-Private Regulation of Labour Migration: A Challenge to Administrative Law Accountability Mechanisms
Tesseltje Lange

7. Migration Regimes and Their Linkages for Family Unity, Integrity and Development
Piyasiri Wickramasekara

8. Development-Friendly Investments and Entrepreneurship by Overseas Migrants and Their Outcomes: Lessons for Migrants and Development Actors
Leila Rispens-Noel, Jeremaiah M. Opiniano

Part III. Labour (Human Rights) Standards Perspective: Migrant Workers’ Relationship with Migration Strategies

9. Low-Skilled Labour Migration and Free Trade Agreements
Philip Martin

10. Evaluating Bilateral Labour Migration Agreements in the Light of Human and Labour Rights
Ryszard Cholewinski

11. Human Security and Human Rights of Labour Migrants in the Americas
E. Dorothy Estrada-Tanck

Part IV. Asia

12. Labour Migration in Asia and the Role of Bilateral Migration Agreements
Graziano Battistella

13. The Regional Politics of Labour Import in the Gulf Monarchies
Hélène Thiollet

14. Labour Migration under the Japan-Philippines and Japan-Indonesia Economic Partnership Agreements
Yoshiko Naiki

Part V. Europe

15. Free Movement Law within the European Union: Workers, Citizens and Third-Country Nationals
Sara Iglesias Sánchez

16. The Temporary Movement of Natural Persons in the Context of Trade in Services: EU Trade Policy under Mode 4 (WTO/GATS)
Jan Schmitz

17. Euroafrican and Latin American Bilateral Migration Agreements: The Role of State-Diaspora Partnership
Marion Panizzon, Miryam Hazán, Sonia Plaza

Part VI. Africa

18. Operationalizing the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Persons: Prospects for Sub-Regional Trade and Development
Aderanti Adepoju

19. Migration Partnerships and the Role of Public-Private Partnerships: The Nigeria-Switzerland Migration Partnership
Amanda Bisong

Part VII. Latin America

20. Intra-Regional Mobility in South America: The Andean Community and MERCOSUR
Natalia Bernal, María Angélica Prada, René Urueña

21. Challenges and Features of Migration and Trade Policies towards Latin America
Cesla Amarelle, Elisa Fornalé

22. Comparative Analysis of Migration and Development Policies in Latin America: Joint Reflections on Their Impact on Highly Skilled Mobility and Diaspora
Caroline Caplan, Marion Panizzon, Elisa Fornalé

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