Sandler, Ronald L.

Ethics and Emerging Technologies

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Technology and Ethics
Ronald L. Sandler

Part I. General Reflections on Ethics and Technology

2. Technology: Practice and Culture
Arnold Pacey

3. Technology and Responsibility: Reflections on the New Tasks of Ethics
Hans Jonas

4. Technologies as Forms of Life
Langdon Winner

Part II. Reproductive Technologies

5. Reproductive Technologies: Ethical Debates
Lucy Frith

6. Preventing a Brave New World
Leon Kass

7. The Ethics of Sex Selection
Inmaculada Melo-Martin

8. Selecting Children: The Ethics of Reproductive Genetic Engineering
S. Matthew Liao

Part III. Biomedical and Therapeutic Technologies

9. Ethical Issues in Human Stem Cell Research: Embryos and Beyond
Inmaculada Melo-Martin, Marin Gillis

10. Crossing Species Boundaries
Jason Robert, Françoise Baylis

11. The Coming Era of Nanomedicine
Fritz Allhoff

12. Psychopharmacology and Functional Neurosurgery: Manipulating Memory, Thought, and Mood
Walter Glannon

13. Incentivizing Access and Innovation for Essential Medicines: A Survey of the Problem and Proposed Solutions
Michael Ravvin

Part IV. Human Enhancement Technologies

14. “Beyond Therapy”

15. Why I Want to Be a Posthuman When I Grow Up
Nick Bostrom

16. Moral Enhancement
Thomas Douglas

17. Enhancing Justice?
Tamara Garcia, Ronald Sandler

Part V. Information Technologies

18. Bigger Monster, Weaker Chains: The Growth of an American Surveillance Society
Jan Stanley, Barry Steinhardt

19. Nanotechnology and Privacy: The Instructive Case of RFID
Jeroen Hoven

20. Intellectual Property: Legal and Moral Challenges of Online File Sharing
Richard A. Spinello

21. Virtual Reality and Computer Simulation
Philip Brey

22. The Digital Divide: Information Technologies and the Obligation to Alleviate Poverty
Kenneth Himma, Maria Bottis

Part VI. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

23. Ethics, War, and Robots
Patrick Lin, Keith Abney, George Bekey

24. Ethics, Law, and Governance in the Development of Robots
Wendell Wallach

25. What to Do about Artificial Consciousness
John Basl

26. The Singularity is Near
Ray Kurzweil

Part VII. Environment and Technology

27. Risk, Precaution, and Nanotechnology
Kevin C. Elliott

28. Avoiding Catastrophic Climate Change: Why Technological Innovation is Necessary but not Sufficient
Philip Cafaro

29. Ethical Anxieties about Geoengineering
Clive Hamilton

30. Ecosystems Unbound: Ethical Questions for an Interventionist Ecology
Ben A. Minteer, James P. Collins

Part VIII. Agricultural Technologies

31. Ethics and Genetically Modified Foods
Gary Comstock

32. Women and the Gendered Politics of Food
Vandana Shiva

33. The Ethics of Agricultural Animal Biotechnology
Robert Streiffer, John Basl

34. Artificial Meat
Paul Thompson

Part IX. Synthetic Genomics and Artificial Life

35. Synthetic Biology, Biosecurity, and Biosafety
Michele Garfinkle, Lori Knowles

36. Evolution and the Deep Past: Intrinsic Responses to Synthetic Biology
Christopher J. Preston

37. Social and Ethical Implications of Creating Artificial Cells
Mark A. Bedau, Mark Triant

Keywords: Philosophy, Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Social Philosophy

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