Formica, Piero

Stories of Innovation for the Millennial Generation: The Lynceus Long View

Formica, Piero - Stories of Innovation for the Millennial Generation: The Lynceus Long View, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Wonder Generation: Adolescent Entrepreneurs of Generation Y, New Stars of Innovation
Piero Formica

2. The Lynceus Long View
Piero Formica

3. Self-Portrait with Thoughts of a Millennial, Youthful Knowledge Nomad
Piero Formica

4. An Italian Millennial Fleeing His Country
Piero Formica

5. Innovation: A Disquieting Muse
Piero Formica

6. A Voyage to Innoland, Island of Innovation: Tales of a Modern Gulliver
Piero Formica

7. In Praise of the Black Sheep: The Country that I Would Like
Piero Formica

8. War and Peace: Destructive Creativity and Creative Destruction
Piero Formica

9. Three Visitors in the Emerald City
Piero Formica

10. The Expulsion of the Oblomovs: From the Cult of Concealment to the Practice of Innovation
Piero Formica

11. In the Kingdom of Zenda: Prisoners of Success
Piero Formica

12. Mr X, or, the Anxieties of the Forgotten Man
Piero Formica

13. Extracts of a Report of the Ambassador of Αριθμóσ to Oeconomicus
Piero Formica

14. ‘On Beauty’: Three Scherzos Played on the World Economy Stage
Piero Formica

15. The War of the Two ‘F’s and the Decisive Intervention of ‘E’
Piero Formica

16. Autobiographical Sketches of Kidnapped Europe and Titanic Asia: A Tale of the Future Foreseen
Piero Formica

17. Innovation in the Academic World: A New Mission for University Old Stars
Piero Formica

18. A Dialogue Between Start-up Entrepreneurs Crusoe and Gulliver — Gulliver Teaches Crusoe the Physics of Entrepreneurship
Piero Formica

19. The Spider’s Webs of Mr F and Mr M
Piero Formica

20. The Red Thread of Coffee
Piero Formica

21. Subterranean Currents: Trade Relations between the Middle Kingdom and Arabia Felix in the Digital Age
Piero Formica

22. An Interview with Maison Dubai’s Style Director
Piero Formica

23. Letter to the Millennial Students of Tartu University
Piero Formica

24. Epilogue: Learning How Events Not Supposed to Happen, Happen
Piero Formica

Keywords: Business and Management, Management, Organization, Business Strategy/Leadership, Small Business, Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship

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