Aaslestad, Katherine B.

Revisiting Napoleon’s Continental System

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Table of contents

1. Introduction Revisiting Napoleon’s Continental System: Consequences of Economic Warfare
Katherine B. Aaslestad

Part I. Looking Forward and Backward: The Historiography and Origins of the Continental System

2. The Continental System Revisited
Geoffrey Ellis

3. French Representations of the Continental Blockade: Three Kinds of Narratives for and against
Annie Jourdan

4. Russia and the Continental System: Trends in Russian Historiography
Alexandre Tchoudinov

5. Speculations and Embargoes on the Grain Trade at the Time of the Revolutionary Wars ( 1792–1795)
Pierrick Pourchasse

Part II. Regional Approaches to the Practice and Consequences of the Continental System

6. The Continental System: A View from the Sea
Silvia Marzagalli

7. The Kingdom of Italy and the Continental Blockade
Alexander Grab

8. Rhine River Commerce and the Continental System
Robert Mark Spaulding

Part III. Adapting to Economic Warfare: New Networks and Illicit Trade

9. Trading Networks across the Blockades: Nathan Mayer Rothschild and His Commodity Trade during the Early Years of the Blockades
Margrit Schulte Beerbühl

10. Smuggling and Blockade-Running during the Anglo-Danish War from 1807 to 1814
Jann M. Witt

11. Defying the Continental System in the Periphery: Political Strategies and Protests by Norwegian Magnates
Bård Frydenlund

12. Economic Warfare, Organized Crime and the Collapse of Napoleon’s Empire
Michael Rowe

Part IV. Urban Experiences and the Napoleonic Continental System

13. Experiencing the Continental System in the Cities of the French Atlantic
Alan Forrest

14. Choices and Opportunities amid Economic Warfare: Strategic Decisions of the Business Elite in the Young Harbour Town of Antwerp during the Napoleonic Era
Hilde Greefs

15. Riga Export Trade at the Time of the Continental Blockade (1807–1812)
Anita Čerpinska

16. Significance and Consequences of the Continental System for Napoleonic Holland, Especially for Amsterdam
Johan Joor

Keywords: History, History of Military, Economic History, European History, World History, Global and Transnational History, Modern History

Publication year
War, Culture and Society, 1750–1850
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309 pages
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