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Bourus, Terri

The Creation and Re-Creation of Cardenio

Bourus, Terri - The Creation and Re-Creation of <Emphasis Type="Italic">Cardenio</Emphasis>, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Cervantes, Fletcher, Shakespeare, and Performance

1. The Passion of Readers, the Imitation of Texts: The History of Reading in the Quest for Cardenio
Elizabeth Spiller

2. Reading Cervantes, or Shelton, or Phillips? The Source(s) of Cardenio and Double Falsehood
Gary Taylor, Steven Wagschal

3. The 1612 Don Quixote and the Windet-Stansby Printing House
David L. Gants

4. Quixote on the English Stage: A New Glimpse of The History of Cardenio?
Gerald Baker

5. Blessed with a Baby or “Bum-Fidled with a Bastard”? Maternity in Fletcher’s The Chances and Cervantes’ Novela de la Señora Cornelia
Joyce Boro

6. Girls on the Run: Love’s Pilgrimage, The Coxcomb, and Double Falsehood
Christopher Hicklin

7. Furious Soldiers and Mad Lovers: Plotting Fletcher and The History of Cardenio
Vimala C. Pasupathi

8. “Shall I Never See a Lusty Man Again?”: John Fletcher’s Men, 1608–1715
Huw Griffiths

9. Shakespeare, Theobald, and the Prose Problem in Double Falsehood
John V. Nance

10. Sleight of Mind: Cognitive Illusions and Shakespearian Desire
Gary Taylor

11. The “Unscene” and Unstaged in Double Falsehood, Cardenio, and Shakespeare’s Romances
Lori Leigh

12. Performing Spanish Culture through Flamenco: Aurality and Embodiment in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Cardenio
Carla Della Gatta

13. Poner en escena The History of Cardenio
Terri Bourus

14. Time Begets a Wonder: The History of Cardenio at IUPUI
Gerald Baker

15. Cardenio: Shakespeare’s Lost Race Play?
Ayanna Thompson

Part II. The History of Cardenio, 1612–2012

16. A Posthumous Collaborator’s Preface
Gary Taylor

17. The History of Cardenio, 1612–2012
John Fletcher, William Shakespeare, Gary Taylor

Keywords: Literature, Poetry and Poetics, Early Modern/Renaissance Literature, Performing Arts, British and Irish Literature, Literary History, Literary Theory

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Litterary Studies
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