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On Becoming a Leadership Coach

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Table of contents

Part I. Being

1. On Becoming a Leadership Coach
Neil Stroul, Christine Wahl

2. Mapping the Terrain: An Overview of Professional Coaching
William J. Courville

3. Sacred Space: Where Possibilities Abound and Change Is Engendered
Julie K. Shows, Clarice Scriber

4. Cultures in Coaching
Karen Curnow

5. Eastern Influence on Coaching
Randy Chittum

6. The Case for Cultivating Present-Moment Self-Awareness in Leaders and Coaches
Steve Heller

7. Embodying Change
Roselyn Kay

Part II. Doing

8. The Coaching Relationship: A Mirror into the Self
Kelly Lewis

9. G.R.A.C.E. at Work: Strong Relationships for Powerful Results
Eric Nijs

10. Using Story in Coaching
Margaret Echols, Karen Gravenstine, Sandy Mobley

11. Whose Story Is This, Anyway? Identification with Clients in Leadership Coaching
Dave Snapp

12. Congratulations—You’re in Breakdown!
Jennifer Sinek

13. The Role of Emotions in Coaching
Karen Curnow, Randy Chittum

14. Using Somatics to Coach Leaders
Margaret Echols, Sandy Mobley

15. Distinctions for Coaching Leaders
Beth Bloomfield

Part III. Using

16. ALIFE™: A Listening Model for Coaching
Christine Wahl, Neil Stroul

17. Behavioral Practices Made Simple
Scott Eblin

18. Coaching in Organizations
Randy Chittum

19. Moving the Client Forward: Designing Effective Actions
Frank Ball, Beth Bloomfield

20. Assessments for Insight, Learning, and Choice in Coaching
Sue E. McLeod

21. The Art and Practice of Grounded Assessments
Lee Ann Wurster-Naefe, Julie Shows

22. Coaching and Leading as Stewards for Sustainability
Lloyd Raines

23. The Thinking Path
Alexander Caillet

24. Coaching for Leadership Presence
Clarice Scriber

25. Coaching for Leverage: Helping Clients to Manage Priorities, Time, Energy, and Resources
Katherine Ebner

26. Action Learning: An Approach to Team Coaching
Jennifer Whitcomb

27. Coaching New Teams
Patricia A. Mathews

Keywords: Business and Management, Human Resource Management, Management, Organization, Business Strategy/Leadership, Coaching, Consulting, Supervision and Coaching

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