Gventer, Celeste Ward

The New Counter-insurgency Era in Critical Perspective

Gventer, Celeste Ward - The New Counter-insurgency Era in Critical Perspective, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Celeste Ward Gventer, David Martin Jones, M. L. R. Smith

Part I. Counter-insurgency: History and Theory

2. Minting New COIN: Critiquing Counter-insurgency Theory
Celeste Ward Gventer, David Martin Jones, M. L. R. Smith

3. COIN and the Chameleon: The Category Errors of Trying to Divide the Indivisible
M. L. M. Smith

4. Our Own Worst Enemy: The Unspoken Paradox of Large-Scale Expeditionary COIN
Jeffrey Michaels

5. Government in a Box? Counter-insurgency, State Building, and the Technocratic Conceit
Colin Jackson

6. ‘Our Ghettos, Too, Need a Lansdale’: American Counter-insurgency Abroad and at Home in the Vietnam Era
William Rosenau

7. Bringing the Soil Back in: Control and Territoriality in Western and Non-Western COIN
James Worrall

8. Counter-insurgency and Violence Management
Paul Staniland

9. Mass, Methods, and Means: The Northern Ireland ‘Model’ of Counter-insurgency
John Bew

10. David Galula and the Revival of COIN in the US Military
Douglas Porch

Part II. Counter-insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan?

11. Testing the Surge: Why Did Violence Decline in Iraq in 2007?
Stephen Biddle, Jeffrey A. Friedman, Jacob N. Shapiro

12. After a Decade of Counter-insurgency, Eliminate Nation-Building from US Military Manuals
Bing West

13. The Conceit of American Counter-insurgency
Gian Gentile

14. ‘The Population Is the Enemy’: Control, Behaviour, and Counter-insurgency in Central Helmand Province, Afghanistan
Ryan Evans

15. The Reluctant Counter-insurgents: Britain’s Absent Surge in Southern Iraq
Huw Bennett

Part III. Counter-insurgency and Future Warfare

16. Questions about COIN after Iraq and Afghanistan
Joshua Rovner

17. The Military Utility and Interventions Post-Afghanistan: Reassessing Ends, Ways, and Means
Matthew Ford

18. ‘What Do We Do If We Are Never Going to Do This Again?’ Western Counter-insurgency Choices after Iraq and Afghanistan
Paul Schulte

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, International Relations, Terrorism and Political Violence, Military and Defence Studies, Conflict Studies, Diplomacy, Political Science

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Rethinking Political Violence series
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388 pages
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