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The Palgrave Handbook of German Idealism

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Matthew C. Altman

Part I. Kant

2. Kant’s Career in German Idealism
Steve Naragon

3. Kant’s Legacy for German Idealism: Versions of Autonomy
Paul Guyer

4. Kant’s Three Transcendentals, Explanation, and the Hypothesis of Pure Apperception
Timothy Rosenkoetter

5. Moral Goodness and Human Equality in Kant’s Ethical Theory
Lara Denis

6. Kant and the Possibility of Transcendental Freedom
Benjamin Vilhauer

7. Why Should We Cultivate Taste? Answers from Kant’s Early and Late Aesthetic Theory
Brian Watkins

8. Transcendental Idealism as the Backdrop for Kant’s Theory of Religion
Stephen R. Palmquist

9. Kant’s Political Philosophy
Allen Wood

10. Kant’s Anthropology and Its Method: The Epistemic Uses of Teleology in the Natural World and Beyond
Alix Cohen

Part II. Reactions to Kant

11. Jacobi on Kant, or Moral Naturalism vs. Idealism
Benjamin D. Crowe

12. Rationalism, Empiricism, and Skepticism: The Curious Case of Maimon’s “Coalition-System”
Peter Thielke

13. Reinhold and the Transformation of Philosophy into Science
Kienhow Goh

Part III. Fichte

14. Fichte: His Life and Philosophical Calling
Marina F. Bykova

15. A Philosophy of Freedom: Fichte’s Philosophical Achievement
Günter Zöller

16. Fichte’s Methodology in the Wissenschaftslehre (1794–95)
Frederick Neuhouser

17. Fichte’s Transcendental Idealism: An Interpretation and Defense
Matthew C. Altman

18. How “Natural” Is Fichte’s Theory of Natural Right?
David James

19. Transcendental Idealism and Theistic Commitment in Fichte
Steven Hoeltzel

Part IV. German Romanticism

20. The Aesthetic Philosophy of Early German Romanticism and Its Early German Idealist Roots
Elizabeth Millán

21. From the Metaphysics of the Beautiful to the Metaphysics of the True: Hölderlin’s Philosophy in the Horizon of Poetry
Violetta L. Waibel

Part V. Schelling

22. Schelling: A Brief Biographical Sketch of the Odysseus of German Idealism
Bruce Matthews

23. Nature of Imagination: At the Heart of Schelling’s Thinking
Jason M. Wirth

24. The Hypothesis of Nature’s Logic in Schelling’s Naturphilosophie
Iain Hamilton Grant

25. Religion beyond the Limits of Criticism
Michael Vater

26. The “Keystone” of the System: Schelling’s Philosophy of Art
Devin Zane Shaw

Part VI. Hegel

27. Hegel — Life, History, System
Andreja Novakovic

28. Hegel’s Philosophical Achievement
Terry Pinkard

29. Plato, Descartes, Hegel: Three Philosophers of Event
Slavoj Žižek

30. Hegel’s Geist — Immodestly Metaphysical!
J. M. Fritzman, Kristin Parvizian

31. Narration, Bildung, and the Work of Mourning in Hegel’s Philosophy of History
Cynthia D. Coe

32. Our All-Too-Human Hegelian Agency
Sally Sedgwick

33. Kant’s Critical Legacy: Fichte’s Constructionism and Hegel’s Discursive Logic
George Giovanni

34. Hegel on Art and Aesthetics
Allen Speight

35. The Scandal of Hegel’s Political Philosophy
William F. Bristow

Part VII. Alternative Traditions in German Idealism

36. Schopenhauer’s Transcendental Idealism and the Neutral Nature of Will
Robert Wicks

37. Two Traditions of Idealism
Frederick C. Beiser

38. Conclusion
Matthew C. Altman

Keywords: Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Metaphysics, German Idealism, Epistemology, Aesthetics, Modern Philosophy

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