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Turning Teaching Inside Out

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Table of contents

1. Introduction—Radical Reciprocity: Civic Engagement from Inside Out
Simone Weil Davis, Barbara Sherr Roswell

Part I. Origin Tales: Seeding and Building a Program

2. Drawing Forth, Finding Voice, Making Change: Inside-Out Learning as Transformative Pedagogy
Lori Pompa

3. Inside-Out in Oregon: Transformative Education at the Community Level
Melissa Crabbe

4. Death of a Street-Gang Warrior
Paul Perry

Part II. Expanding Teaching and Learning

5. Inside-Out: What the World Needs Now
M. Kay Harris

6. Liberation from University Education: A Lesson in Humility for a Helper
Amelia Larson

7. The American Educational System: Abuses and Alternatives
K. D. A. Daniel-Bey

8. Opened Arms, Eyes, and Minds
Charles Boyd

9. Full Circle: A Journey from Students to Trainers
Mario Carines

10. Teaching Itself: A Philosophical Exploration of Inside-Out Pedagogy
Gitte Wernaa Butin

Part III. Productive Intersectionality: Navigating Race, Place, Gender, and Class

11. From Safe Space to Brave Space: Strategies for the Anti-Oppression Classroom
Shahad Atiya, Simone Weil Davis, Keisha Green, Erin Howley, Shoshana Pollack, Barbara Sherr Roswell, Ella Turenne, Tyrone Werts, Lucas Wilson

12. Being Human
Erin Howley

13. Breaking Through “Isms”
Ella Turenne

14. Trusting the Process: Growing and Liberating Self-Reflective Capacities Behind the Prison Walls
Kayla Follett, Jessie Rodger

Part IV. Transformation? Connection as Catalyst

15. Turned Inside-Out: Reading the Russian Novel in Prison after Levinas
Steven Shankman

16. Look at Me!
Tony Vick

17. Access for Whom? Inside-Out’s Opening Door
Tyrone Werts

18. Inside-Out: The Reach and Limits of a Prison Education Program
Simone Weil Davis

19. Transformative Learning in Prisons and Universities: Reflections on Homologies of Institutional Power
Kristin Bumiller

20. Access or Justice? Inside-Out and Transformative Education
Gillian Harkins

Part V. Yardsticks and Roadmaps: Assessing Change

21. Alchemy and Inquiry: Reflections on an Inside-Out Research Roundtable
Sarah Allred, Angela Bryant, Simone Weil Davis, Kurt Fowler, Phil Goodman, Jim Nolan, Lori Pompa, Barbara Sherr Roswell, Dan Stageman

22. Relational Learning and the Inside-Out Experience: A Pathway to Building Capacities, Transformative Perspectives, and a Deeper Understanding of Self, Community, and Others
Sarah L. Allred, Nathan Belche, Todd Robinson

23. Evaluating the Impact of Community-based Learning: Participatory Action Research as a Model for Inside-Out
Angela Bryant, Yasser Payne

Part VI. Leaning into the Future: Helping Change Endure

24. Inside-Out as Law School Pedagogy
Giovanna Shay

25. Teaching the Instructors
Matt Soares

26. Beyond “Replication”: Inside-Out in Canada
Simone Weil Davis

Part VII. Closing Circle

27. Preconceived Notions
Nyki Kish

28. Barriers Comin’ Down: An Inside-Out Rap
Damien Arnaout, Shawn Brown

29. The Essence of Inside-Out
Lori Pompa

Keywords: Education, Higher Education, Curriculum Studies, Crime and Society, Sociology of Education, Criminology and Criminal Justice, general, Educational Policy and Politics

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Community Engagement in Higher Education
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336 pages
Upbringing, Education
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