Bryant, Chad

Borderlands in World History, 1700–1914

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Borderlands in a Global Perspective
Paul Readman, Cynthia Radding, Chad Bryant

Part I. Writing Borderlands

2. Negotiating North America’ New National Borders
Benjamin H. Johnson

3. ‘The Men Who Made Australia Federated Long Ago’: Australian Frontiers and Borderlands
Frank Bongiorno

Part II. Borderlands, Territoriality, and Landscape

4. Environment, Territory, and Landscape Changes in Northern Mexico during the Era of Independence
Cynthia Radding

5. ‘’We Are Comfortable Riding the Waves’ Landscape and the Formation of a Border State in Eighteenth-Century Island Southeast Asia
Timothy P. Barnard

6. From Constituting Communities to Dividing Districts: The Formalization of a Cultural Border between Mombasa and Its Hinterland
Daren Ray

Part III. Borderlands and State Action

7. Not by Force Alone: Public Health and the Establishment of Russian Rule in the Russo-Polish Borderland, 1762–85
Oksana Mykhed

8. Borders, War, and Nation-Building in Napoleon’s Europe
Michael Rowe

Part IV. National Identities and European Borderlands

9. Living a British Borderland: Northumberland and the Scottish Borders in the Long Nineteenth Century
Paul Readman

10. Church Fights: Nationality, Class, and the Politics of Church-Building in a German-Polish Borderland, 1890–1914
Jim Bjork

Part V. Labor and Social Experience

11. ‘Frontier Indians’: ‘Indios Mansos,’ ‘Indios Bravos,’ and the Layers of Indigenous Existence in the Caribbean Borderlands
Jason M. Yaremko

12. The Twisted Logic of the Ohio River Borderland
Matthew Salafia

13. Boundaries of Slavery in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Liberia
Lisa A. Lindsay

Part VI. Reading Borders: Individuals and Their Borderlands

14. Unofficial Frontiers: Welsh-English Borderlands in the Victorian Period
Roland Quinault

15. ‘Home on the Range’: Rootedness and Identity in the Borderlands of the Nineteenth-Century American West
Nina Vollenbröker

16. Concluding Reflections: Borderlands History and the Categories of Historical Analysis
Lloyd Kramer

Keywords: History, World History, Global and Transnational History, Political History, Geography, general, Modern History, Imperialism and Colonialism, Human Geography

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