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Deepening Community Engagement in Higher Education

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Table of contents

1. Introduction Deep, Pervasive, and Integrated: Developmental Frameworks for Students, Partnerships, Faculty Engagement, and Centers
Ariane Hoy, Mathew Johnson

Part I. Students as Civic-Minded Professionals: An Approach for Student Development

2. Learning through Service: Structures that Promote Student Leadership
Ashley Cochrane, Heather McNew Schill

3. Student Development in Theory and Practice
Nicole Saylor, Patrick Gruber, Michelle Nix

4. Engaging Faith: Spiritual Exploration as a Critical Component
Wayne Meisel

5. An Untapped Reservoir for Student Community Engagement: What We Are Learning from the NASCE
Mathew Johnson, Don Levy, Pete Cichetti, Craig Zinkiewicz

Part II. Developmental, Engaged, and Educational Partnerships

6. Building Deep Partnerships and Community-Centered Centers
David Roncolato

7. “Walking a Different Way”: Coeducators, Co-learners, and Democratic Engagement Renaming the World
Talmage A. Stanley

8. A Growing Edge for Community Engagement: Partnership and Policy Networks
Robert Hackett, Patrick Donohue

9. “One Partnership, One Place”: Building and Scaling Sustained Student-Led, Community-Driven International Partnerships
Kelly Elizabeth Behrend, Stephen Darr

Part III. Faculty: Exploring New Epistemologies for Academic Community Engagement

10. Developing Faculty for Community Engagement across the Curriculum
Paul Schadewald, Karin Aguilar-San Juan

11. Permeable Boundaries: Connecting Coursework and Community Work in Disciplinary Curricula
Emily Kane, Georgia Nigro, Ellen Alcorn, Holly Lasagna

12. Wisdom from the Garden: Exploring Faculty Transformation
Beth Blissman

13. Community Engagement across the Curriculum: Boyer, Integration, and the Challenges of Institutionalization
Thomas G. McGowan, Suzanne Bonefas, Anthony C. Siracusa

Part IV. Centers

14. Best Practices and Infrastructures for Campus Centers of Community Engagement
Marshall Welch, John Saltmarsh

15. “If you build it, they will come”: Building a Structure for Institutional Change
Richard B. Ellis, Kristine Hart

16. Leveraging New Technologies for Engagement
Abby Kiesa, Ariane Hoy

17. Strategic Planning for Centers: Fostering Pervasive, Deep, Integrated, Developmental Community Engagement
Ariane Hoy, Mathew Johnson

Part V. Critical Insights and Reflections

18. Transformation Is Just Another Word: Thinking through the Future of Community Engagement in the Disrupted University
Dan W Butin

19. Integrating Political Activities into Pathways of Engagement
Abby Kiesa

20. Critical Service-Learning as a Philosophy for Deepening Community Engagement
Tania D. Mitchell

Part VI. Conclusion

21. Future Possibilities: High-Impact Learning and Community Engagement
Ariane Hoy, Mathew Johnson

Keywords: Education, Higher Education, Educational Policy and Politics, Social Work and Community Development, Administration, Organization and Leadership, Philosophy of Education

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Community Engagement in Higher Education
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