Dyck, Bruno

Management and the Gospel

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Table of contents

I. Introduction

1. Overview of this Book
Bruno Dyck

2. A Short Introduction to the Gospel of Luke
Bruno Dyck

3. Managers, Goods and Services Producing Organizations, and First-Century Palestine
Bruno Dyck

II. Problem Recognition: How Interpreting Luke via a First-Century Management Lens Challenges the Conventional Interpretation of Two Key Management Parables

4. A Three-Dimensional First-Century Lens for Understanding Management
Bruno Dyck

5. Interpreting Luke’s Parable of the Shrewd Manager via a First-Century Lens
Bruno Dyck

6. Interpreting Luke’s Parable of the Ten Pounds via a First-Century Lens
Bruno Dyck

III. Action Response: Performing a Comprehensive Examination of Passages in Luke Related to Each of the Three Dimensions of the First-Century Management Lens

7. Passages about Managing Relationships within Organizations (Oikonomia)
Bruno Dyck

8. Passages about Managing Money (Chrematistics)
Bruno Dyck

9. Passages about Managing Relationships between Organizations
Bruno Dyck

IV. New Way of Seeing: Management, the Kingdom of God, Salvation, and the Holy Spirit

10. The Kingdom of God is Enacted and Manifest in Organizational Settings
Bruno Dyck

11. Salvation is Facilitated when People are Saved from Oppressive Structures and Systems, and are Saved for Work in Liberating Organizational Structures and Systems
Bruno Dyck

12. The Holy Spirit is Key to Salvific Kingdom of God Management
Bruno Dyck

V. Institutional Change: A Four-Phase “How to” Process Model for Putting into Practice Management Principles Described in Luke

13. A Four-Phase Process Model Embedded in Luke’s Journey Narrative
Bruno Dyck

14. Luke’s Three “Forward” Cycles through the Four-Phase Process Model
Bruno Dyck

15. Luke’s Three “Reverse” Cycles through the Four-Phase Process Model
Bruno Dyck

VI. Implications for Twenty-First-Century Management Theory and Practice

16. Managing Relationships within Organizations: Organizational Structure, Motivation, and Leadership
Bruno Dyck

17. Managing Money: Economics, Finance, and Accounting
Bruno Dyck

18. Managing Relationships between Organizations: Marketing, Supply Chain, and Strategy
Bruno Dyck

19. Final Thoughts
Bruno Dyck

Keywords: Business and Management, Business Strategy/Leadership, International Business, Sociology of Religion, Management, Project Management, Christianity

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