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From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 1

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Table of contents

Part I. Theory and Reviews of Stress and Wellbeing

1. Occupational Sources of Stress: A Review of the Literature Relating to Coronary Heart Disease and Mental Ill Health
Cary L. Cooper, Judi Marshall

2. A Cybernetic Framework for Studying Occupational Stress
Thomas G. Cummings, Cary L. Cooper

3. A Structural Model Approach toward the Development of a Theory of the Link between Stress and Mental Health
Cary L. Cooper, A. J. Baglioni

4. The Impacts of Positive Psychological States on Physical Health: A Review and Theoretical Framework
Jeffrey R. Edwards, Cary L. Cooper

5. The Person-Environment Fit Approach to Stress: Recurring Problems and Some Suggested Solutions
Jeffrey R. Edwards, Cary L. Cooper

Part II. Stress-Strain Relationships

6. Stress, Type-A, Coping, and Psychological and Physical Symptoms: A Multi-Sample Test of Alternative Models
Jeffrey R. Edwards, A. J. Baglioni, Cary L. Cooper

7. Psychosocial Stress and Breast Cancer: The Inter-relationship between Stress Events, Coping Strategies and Personality
Cary L. Cooper, E. Brian Faragher

8. Psychosocial Factors and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Suzan Lewis, Cary L. Cooper, Derrick Bennett

9. The Company Car Driver, Occupational Stress as a Predictor of Motor Vehicle Accident Involvement
Sue Cartwright, Cary L. Cooper, Andrea Barron

10. A Meta-Analysis of Work Demand Stressors and Job Performance: Examining Main and Moderating Effects
Simona Gilboa, Arie Shirom, Yitzhak Fried, Cary L. Cooper

11. The Mediating Effects of Job Satisfaction and Propensity to Leave on Role Stress-Job Performance Relationships: Combining Meta-Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling
Yitzhak Fried, Arie Shirom, Simona Gilboa, Cary L. Cooper

12. The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Health: A Meta-Analysis
E. Brian Faragher, M. Cass, Cary L. Cooper

Part III. Sources of Workplace Stress

13. Uncertainty Amidst Change: The Impact of Privatization on Employee Job Satisfaction and Well-Being
Adrian Nelson, Cary L. Cooper, Paul R. Jackson

14. The Effects of Working Hours on Health: A Meta-Analytic Review
Kate Sparks, Cary L. Cooper, Yitzhak Fried, Arie Shirom

15. Occupational Differences in the Work-Strain Relationship: Towards the Use of Situation-Specific Models
Kate Sparks, Cary L. Cooper

16. Do National Levels of Individualism and Internal Locus of Control Relate to Well-Being: An Ecological Level International Study
Paul E. Spector, Cary L. Cooper, Juan I. Sanchez, Michael O’Driscoll, Kate Sparks, Peggy Bernin, Andre Büssing, Phil Dewe, Peter Hart, Luo Lu, Karen Miller, Lucio Flavio Renault Moraes, Gabrielle M. Ostrognay, Milan Pagon, Horea Pitariu, Steven Poelmans, Phani Radhakrishnan, Vesselina Russinova, Vladimir Salamatov, Jesus Salgado, Satoru Shima, Oi Ling Siu, Jean Benjamin Stora, Mare Teichmann, Töres Theorell, Peter Vlerick, Mina Westman, Maria Widerszal-Bazyl, Paul Wong, Shanfa Yu

Part IV. Stressful Occupations

17. Mental Health, Job Satisfaction, and Job Stress among General Practitioners
Cary L. Cooper, Usha Rout, Brian Faragher

18. Occupational Stress in Head Teachers: A National UK Study
Cary L. Cooper, Mike Kelly

19. Occupational Stress among Senior Police Officers
Jennifer Brown, Cary L. Cooper, Bruce Kirkcaldy

20. Workload, Stress and Family Life in British Members of Parliament and the Psychological Impact of Reforms to Their Working Hours
Ashley Weinberg, Cary L. Cooper, Anne Weinberg

Part V. Research Methods in Stress and Wellbeing

21. Examining the Relationships among Self-Report Measures of the Type A Behavior Pattern: The Effects of Dimensionality, Measurement Error, and Differences in Underlying Constructs
Jeffrey R. Edwards, A. J. Baglioni, Cary L. Cooper

22. A Shortened Stress Evaluation Tool (ASSET)
E. B. Faragher, C. L. Cooper, S. Cartwright

Keywords: Psychology, Psychological Methods/Evaluation, Human Resource Management, Organization, Business and Management, general, Industrial, Organisational and Economic Psychology, Office Management

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