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Private Equity in Emerging Markets

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Table of contents

Part I. An Overview of Private Equity in Emerging Markets

1. Private Equity: The Differences between Developed and Emerging Markets
Richard T. Bliss

2. Private Equity in the Emerging Markets: No Longer an Asterisk
Joseph Quinlan

3. Economic and Social Profiles of Emerging Economies
Abdella Abdou, Saeed Moshiri

4. Assessing Country Attractiveness in the Venture Capital and Private Equity Landscape in Emerging Markets
Alexander Groh, Heinrich Liechtenstein

Part II. Institutional and Operational Perspectives on Private Equity in Emerging Markets

5. Emerging Market Private Equity, Its Recent Growth and Differences with Private Equity in Developed Markets
David Wilton

6. The Investment Committee in Private Equity: A Powerful Tool for Emerging Market Fund Managers
Nicholas B. Callinan

7. Venture Capital Contracts: Implications for Emerging Markets
Douglas Cumming, Sofia Johan

8. Legal and Commercial Challenges in Private Equity in the Middle East
Rajeev Dewan

9. Finding Profit into and out of China
Lucy McNulty

10. Five Rules for Winning in Chinese and Arab Private Equity
Jeffrey Towson

Part III. Cross-Country Studies of Private Equity in Emerging Markets

11. Private Equity in Central and Eastern Europe—Opportunities in an Emerged Market: The Practitioner’s Perspective
Petra Salesny

12. Private Equity, Risk, and Reward in Africa
Carolyn Campbell

13. Private Equity in Latin America
Cate Ambrose

14. Private Equity in the Gulf Cooperation Council
Arindam Banerjee

15. Private Equity in Southeast Asian Emerging Economies: An Institutional Perspective
William Scheela, Edmundo Isidro, Thawatchai Jittrapanun

16. Public Support for Venture Capital in Emerging Markets: An Overview of Selected Countries
Barbara Rudnicka, Marek Dietl

Part IV. Country-Specific Studies of Private Equity in Emerging Markets

17. The Evolution and Future of Private Equity in China
Sarah E. Alexander, Michael Casey

18. Private Equity and Venture Capital in Brazil: Drivers, Evolution, and Obstacles
Antonio Gledson Carvalho

19. Contours of Russian Private Equity
Maria Musatova

20. Private Equity in South and Sub-Saharan Africa
David Lingelbach

21. Private Equity in India in the Context of Emerging Asia
Darek Klonowski

22. Is Private Equity in Emerging Markets Coming of Age? Evidence of the Mexican Private Equity Market
Roberto Charvel

23. Private Equity amid Evolving Market Institutions: The Case of Vietnam
Markus Taussig, Matthew Schwarz, Kenneth Chin

24. A Review of Private Equity Financing in Nigeria
Daibi W. Dagogo

Keywords: Finance, Investments and Securities, Development Economics, Corporate Finance, International Economics

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