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From Stress to Wellbeing Volume 2

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Table of contents

Part VI. Stress Management

1. Worksite Stress Management Interventions: Their Effectiveness and Conceptualisation
Richard S. DeFrank, Cary L. Cooper

2. Stress and Coping in US Organizations: The Role of the Employee Assistance Programme
John Berridge, Cary L. Cooper

3. Healthy Mind; Healthy Organization — A Proactive Approach to Occupational Stress
C. L. Cooper, S. Cartwright

4. Coping with Work-related Stress: A Critique of Existing Measures and Proposal for an Alternative Methodology
Michael P. O’Driscoll, Cary L. Cooper

5. Health Behaviours Reported as Coping Strategies: A Factor Analytical Study
David K. Ingledew, Lew Hardy, Cary L. Cooper, Hatice Jemal

6. A Multiple Case Study Approach to Work Stress Prevention in Europe
Michiel A. J. Kompier, Cary L. Cooper, Sabine A. E. Geurts

7. The Development of a Framework for a Comprehensive Approach to Stress Management Interventions at Work
Sabir I. Giga, Cary L. Cooper, Brian Faragher

Part VII. Stress and Wellbeing Issues

8. The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on People at Work: Existing Research and Issues
Sue Cartwright, Cary L. Cooper

9. Workers’ Compensation in Stress-Related Claims: Some Thoughts for Employers in the UK
Jill Earnshaw, Cary L. Cooper

10. Employee Stress Litigation: The UK Experience
Jill Earnshaw, Cary L. Cooper

11. The Experience of Bullying in Great Britain: The Impact of Organizational Status
Helge Hoel, Cary L. Cooper, Brian Faragher

Part VIII. Work-Life Balance

12. Stress in Two-Earner Couples and Stage in the Life-Cycle
Suzan N. C. Lewis, Cary L. Cooper

13. Balancing the Work/Home Interface: A European Perspective
Suzan Lewis, Cary L. Cooper

14. Family-Responsive Interventions, Perceived Organizational and Supervisor Support, Work-Family Conflict, and Psychological Strain
Michael P. O’Driscoll, Steven Poelmans, Paul E. Spector, Thomas Kalliath, Tammy D. Allen, Cary L. Cooper, Juan I. Sanchez

15. Family-Supportive Organization Perceptions, Multiple Dimensions of Work-Family Conflict, and Employee Satisfaction: A Test of Model across Five Samples
Laurent M. Lapierre, Paul E. Spector, Tammy D. Allen, Steven Poelmans, Cary L. Cooper, Michael P. O’Driscoll, Juan I. Sanchez, Paula Brough, Ulla Kinnunen

Part IX. Wellbeing

16. The Mental Wealth of Nations
John Beddington, Cary L. Cooper, John Field, Usha Goswami, Felicia A. Huppert, Rachel Jenkins, Hannah S. Jones, Tom B. L. Kirkwood, Barbara J. Sahakian, Sandy M. Thomas

17. Well-being — Absenteeism, Presenteeism, Costs and Challenges
C. L. Cooper, P. Dewe

Keywords: Business and Management, Management, Organization, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Psychological Methods/Evaluation, Human Resource Management, Behavioral/Experimental Economics

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