Andrews, John

The Unhappy Divorce of Sociology and Psychoanalysis

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: The Unhappy Divorce: From Marginalization to Revitalization
Lynn Chancer, John Andrews

Part I. The History of Sociology and Psychoanalysis in the United States: Diverse Perspectives on a Longstanding Relationship

2. Opening/Closing the Sociological Mind to Psychoanalysis
George Cavalletto, Catherine Silver

3. Paranoid and Institutional Responses to Psychoanalysis among Early Sociologists: A Socio-Psychoanalytic Interpretation
Catherine B. Silver

4. The Unconscious in Cultural Dispute: On the Ethics of Psychosocial Discovery
Thomas DeGloma

Part II. Are Psychosocial/Socioanalytic Syntheses Possible?

5. Sustaining an Unlikely Marriage: Biographical, Theoretical, and Intellectual Notes
Neil J. Smelser

6. Why Is It Easy to Be a Psychoanalyst and a Feminist, But not a Psychoanalyst and a Social Scientist? Reflections of a Psychoanalytic Hybrid
Nancy J. Chodorow

7. The Narcissism of Minor Differences: The Status Anxiety and Disciplinary Intolerance between Sociology and Psychoanalysis
Siamak Movahedi

Part III. The Unfulfilled Promise of Psychoanalysis and Sociological Theory

8. Escapes from Freedom: Political Extremism, Conspiracy Theories, and the Sociology of Emotions
Neil McLaughlin

9. C. Wright Mills, Freud, and the Psychosocial Imagination
Lynn Chancer

10. From Sociology to Socioanalysis: Rethinking Bourdieu’s Concepts of Habitus, Symbolic Capital, and Field along Psychoanalytic Lines
George Steinmetz

11. The Ethnographic Spiral: Reflections on the Intersection of Life History and Ideal-Typical Analysis
Philip Manning

Part IV. The Psychosocial (Analytic) In Research and Practice

12. Persona: Psychodynamic and Sociological Dimensions of a Project on US Activism and Political Violence
Gilda Zwerman

13. Foreclosure from Freud to Fannie Mae
John Andrews

14. Melancholia and the Racial Order: A Psychosocial Analysis of America’s Enduring Racism
Jeffrey Prager

15. On the Melancholia of New Individualism
Anthony Elliott

16. The Shame of Survival: Rethinking Trauma’s Aftermath
Arlene Stein

17. Racial Hatred and Racial Prejudice: A Difference that Makes a Difference
Tony Jefferson

18. Definitive Exclusions: The Social Fact and the Subjects of Neo-Liberalism
Vikash Singh

19. ”One Has to Belong, Somehow”: Acts of Belonging at the Intersection of Ethnicity, Sexuality, and Citizenship
Ilgin Yorukoglu

Keywords: Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Social Structure, Social Inequality, Social Theory, Sociology, general, Community and Environmental Psychology

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Studies in the Psychosocial
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