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Globalizing Social Rights

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: A Global History Written from the ILO
Sandrine Kott, Joëlle Droux

Part 1. Transnational Networks and Milieus around the ILO

2. Social and Political Networks and the Creation of the ILO: The Role of British Actors
Olga Hidalgo-Weber

3. The ILO and Other International Actors in 20th-century Accident Insurance in Switzerland and Germany
Martin Lengwiler

4. The ILO, Feminists and Expert Networks: The Challenges of a Protective Policy (1919–1934)
Nora Natchkova, Céline Schoeni

Part 2. The ILO and the Production of Social Standards

5. Modern Unemployment: From the Creation of the Concept to the International Labour Office’s First Standards
Ingrid Liebeskind Sauthier

6. ILO Expertise and Colonial Violence in the Interwar Years
J. P. Daughton

7. The Contribution of the ILO to the Formation of Public International Cooperative Law
Hagen Henrÿ

8. The ILO and the International Technocratic Class, 1944–1966
Jason Guthrie

Part 3. The ILO and National Spaces: From Social Norms to Social Rights

9. Global Corporatism after the First World War — the Indian Case
Madeleine Herren

10. Dictatorship and International Organizations: The ILO as a ‘Test Ground’ for Fascism
Stefano Gallo

11. US New Deal Social Policy Experts and the ILO, 1948–1954
Jill Jensen

12. Industrial States and Transnational Exchanges of Social Policies: Belgium and the ILO in the Interwar Period
Jasmien Daele

13. The ILO as a Forum for Developing and Demonstrating a Nordic Model
Pauli Kettunen

Part 4. Competing Social Models: The ILO and Other International Bodies

14. What’s in a Living Standard? Bringing Society and Economy Together in the ILO and the League of Nations Depression Delegation, 1938–1945
Patricia Clavin

15. Developing Nutritional Standards and Food Policy: Latin American Reformers between the ILO, the League of Nations Health Organization, and the Pan-American Sanitary Bureau
Corinne A. Pernet

16. From Inter-agency Competition to Transnational Cooperation: The ILO Contribution to Child Welfare Issues during the Interwar Years
Joëlle Droux

17. Pension Privatization: The Transnational Campaign
Mitchell A. Orenstein

18. The Embattled Standard-bearer of Social Insurance and Its Challenger: The ILO, The OECD and the ‘Crisis of the Welfare State’, 1975–1985
Matthieu Leimgruber

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology of Work, Social History, World History, Global and Transnational History, Modern History, International Organization, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology

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International Labour Organization (ILO) Century Series
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