Abo, Tetsuo

Hybrid Factories in Latin America

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Table of contents

Part I. A Bird’s Eye View of Foreign Investments in Latin America

1. The Viewpoint of Research Analysis for Japanese-Affiliated Enterprises in Latin America
Katsuo Yamazaki

2. Industrialization and Transnational Corporations in Latin America
Koji Serita

3. Labor and Society in Latin America: Historical Backgrounds and a New Direction
Nobuyuki Yamada

4. Movement Toward Regional Markets in Latin America
Jorge Carrillo

Part II. Analytical Methodology of Our Research — Mainly in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina

5. Average Regional Application of the Japanese System on a Five-Point Scale, in Comparison to Application Worldwide and in Other Regions
Wooseok Juhn

6. Japanese Hybrid Factories in Mexico
Zhijia Yuan

7. Japanese Hybrid Factories in Brazil
Tetsuo Abo

8. Japanese Hybrid Factories in Argentina
Hiroshi Itagaki

Part III. Case Analyses of the Strategies of Automotive Assembling Enterprises in Latin America

9. Toyota’s Production Strategy in South America: Production in Brazil and Argentina
Hiroshi Kumon

10. Toyota’s Production Plant in Mexico — which has been Embedded into Toyota’s North American Strategy
Hidetada Higashi

11. Nissan in Latin America — Mainly Nissan Mexicana
Shinya Orihashi

12. Honda in Brazil and Mexico — Starting with Production of Motorcycles and Moving to Automobile Production
Tetsuo Abo

Part IV. Case Analyses of the Strategies of Electronics Enterprises in Latin America

13. Toshiba Amazonas SA in Brazil — Reception of Japanese Production System by the Local People
Chensheng Shi, Yanshu Hao

14. Newsan SA — The Joint Venture with Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd
Toshihiko Miyaji

Part V. Conclusion: Characteristic Patterns of Hybrid Factories and of Strategies in Latin America

15. A Review of the Hybrid Transfer Analysis — Highlighting the Latin American Hybrid Pattern
Wooseok Juhn

16. Free Trade Zones and Corporate Strategies in Latin America
Katsuo Yamazaki

Keywords: Business and Management, Management, International Business, Industries, Industrial Organization, International Economics, Automotive Industry

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