Branche, Raphaëlle

Rape in Wartime

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Table of contents

1. Writing the History of Rape in Wartime
Raphaëlle Branche, Isabelle Delpla, John Horne, Pieter Lagrou, Daniel Palmieri, Fabrice Virgili

2. Categorising Rape in the Military Law of Modern Russia
Marianna G. Muravyeva

3. The Unquestioned Crime: Sexual Violence by German Soldiers during the War of Annihilation in the Soviet Union, 1941–45
Regina Mühlhäuser

4. The Victimisation of the Body and the Body Politic during the Greek Civil War, 1946–49
Katherine Stefatos

5. Mass Rape and the Inscription of Gendered and Racial Domination during the Bangladesh War of 1971
Nayanika Mookherjee

6. Rape, Blaming the Victim and Social Control in Paramilitary Enclaves: An Approach to the Case of Colombia
Natalia Suarez Bonilla

7. After “Teutonic Fury”, “Belgian Fury”? Fact and Fiction in the Revenge of Belgian Soldiers in the Rhineland in 1923
Anne Godfroid

8. The Practices of War, Terror and Imagination: Moor Troops and Rapes during the Spanish Civil War
Maud Joly

9. Promising Rape: Private Militias against Maoist Guerrillas in the State of Bihar (India)
Alexandre Soucaille

10. The Weight of Imagination: Rapes and the Legend of Women Snipers in Chechnya
Amandine Régamey

11. Breaking the Silence: New Approaches to the Consequences of Rape in Some African Conflicts, 1994–2008
Nadine Puechguirbal

12. The Body That Writes: Reflections on the Process of Writing about Wartime Rape Avoidance in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Tal Nitsán

13. The Nigerian Civil War of 1967 and the Stigmatisation of Children Born of Rape Victims in Edo State
Adediran Daniel Ikuomola

14. “Special Decisions” Children Born as the Result of German Rape and Handed Over to Public Assistance during the Great War (1914–18)
Antoine Rivière

15. The Russians and Germans: Rape during the War and Post-Soviet Memories
Norman M. Naimark

Keywords: History, World History, Global and Transnational History, Social History, History of Military, Military and Defence Studies, Modern History

Publication year
Genders and Sexualities in History
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250 pages
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