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Integrity in Organizations

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Why the Business World Needs More Integrity
Wolfgang Amann, Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch

Part I. Integrity as a Cornerstone in Building Human-centric Organizations

2. Pursuing Organizational Integrity to Create Humanistic Organizations
Andrew E. Michael

3. The Circle of Leadership Integrity Within Business Organizations
Avraham Cohen, Karen Fiorini, Tom Culham, Heesoon Bai

4. Humanistic Management, Operational Risk, and Employee Behavior
Vincent G. Fitzsimons

5. Integrity for the Common Good: The Missing Link between Neoliberalists and the “Occupy” Discontents
Marco Tavanti

6. Integrity, Legitimacy and Humanistic Management
Ernst Kimakowitz

Part II. Business Integrity Across the Organization and Beyond

7. Restoring Trust in Two Australian Organizations: The Cases of Herron and Qantas
Greg Latemore

8. From Practices to Processes: High Performance Work Systems and Integrity
Luca Solari, Edoardo Della Torre

9. The Role of Accountability in Fostering Nonprofit Integrity
Wolfgang Bielefeld

10. Responsible Corporate Board Governance and Advancing Corporate Integrity Capacity
Joseph A. Petrick

Part III. Global Suitability, Global Economy, and Integrity

11. Integrating Thinking Globally and Acting Locally to Design a Sustainable Human-Centered Organization
Antti Ainamo

12. Stressing the Central Role of Integrity for Successful Firms
Ernestina Giudici, Federica Caboni, Bianca Francine Pollnow Galvao Ramos

Part IV. Values and Virtues as Preconditions for Building Humanistic Organizations

13. Integrity as a Core Value in Organizations: The Development and Implementation of a Strong Ethical Culture
Mercedes Sánchez-Apellániz, Maria José Charlo, Miriam Núñez

14. The Importance of Values in Family Businesses in Spreading Ethical Business Paradigms
Cinzia Dessì, Michela Floris

15. Spiritual Integrity: Building Blocks for Ethics and Humanism
Rakesh Kumar Agrawal

16. The Genesis of Integrity: Values and Virtues Illuminated in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for Workplace Behavior
Susan Schick Case, Jaye Goosby Smith

Part V. Integrity and Leadership — Ensuring Dignity in Business

17. Integrity and Leadership
Dominic DePersis, Alfred Lewis

18. Leading with Integrity: The Role of Integrity in Building a Humanistic Organization
Gil Fairholm

19. Integrity and Leadership: A Positive Development Approach
Li-Hwa Hung

20. An Integral Review of Leadership and Integrity
Lazarina N. Topuzova, Aditya Simha

21. Humanistic Leadership in Work Organizations
Rehana Hayat, Abubakr M. Suliman

Part VI. Workplace Integrity

22. Workplace Spirituality: A Best Practice Toward Organizational Integrity
Tracy H. Porter, Sharon E. Norris

23. CSR and HRM for Workplace Integrity: Advancing the Business Ethics Agenda
Dima Jamali, Ali M. El Dirani

Part VII. Corporate Governance and Anti-Corruption Mechanism — Securing and Enhancing Integrity

24. The Subterfuge of Business Integrity: Legal Complicity with Criminal Organizations in Italy
Paolo Canonico, Stefano Consiglio, Ernesto Nito, Gianluigi Mangia

25. Integrity and Corporate Governance: Controlling Managers and Meeting Corporate Social Responsibilities
Olivier Furrer

26. Corporate Governance and Ethics: The Case of Gatekeepers in the New Global Environment
Peter Yeoh

27. The Role of the Board of Directors in Ensuring a Culture of Integrity
Natalie Elms, Gavin Nicholson

28. Basic Roots of Managers’ Ethical Competencies
Mario Bogdanović

29. The Hubris Hypothesis of Corporate Social Irresponsibility: Evidence from the Parmalat Case
Giovanni Battista Dagnino, Anna Minà, Pasquale Massimo Picone

30. Conclusions: Emerging Insights on How to Build More Humanistic Organizations with Integrity
Wolfgang Amann, Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch

Keywords: Business and Management, Management, Organization, Business Strategy/Leadership, Business Ethics, Behavioral/Experimental Economics

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Humanism in Business Series
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