Broers, Michael

The Napoleonic Empire and the New European Political Culture

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Napoleon, His Empire, Our Europe and the ‘New Napoleonic History’
Michael Broers

Part I. France, 1799–1814

2. Introduction
Michael Broers

3. Imperial France in 1808 and beyond
Thierry Lentz

4. The Origins of the Napoleonic System of Repression
Howard G. Brown

5. Policing, Rural Revolt and Conscription in Napoleonic France
Alan Forrest

6. Small State, Big Society: The Involvement of Citizens in Local Government in Nineteenth-Century France
Marie-Cécile Thoral

7. Napoleon as a Politician
Peter Hicks

Part II. The Low Countries, the Rhineland and Switzerland, 1792–1814

8. Introduction
Michael Broers

9. The Napoleonic Civil Code: The Belgian Case
Michael Rapport

10. The Dutch Case: The Kingdom of Holland and the Imperial Departments
Matthijs Lok, Martijn van Burg

11. Resistance against Napoleon in the Kingdom of Holland
Johan Joor

12. A Tale of Two Cities: Aachen and Cologne in Napoleonic Europe
Michael Rowe

13. The Swiss Case in the Napoleonic Empire
Gabriele B. Clemens

14. Introduction
Michael Broers

Part III. Central and Eastern Europe: The Confederation of the Rhine, Westphalia and the Hanseatic Departments, Prussia

15. Resistance to Napoleonic Reform in the Grand Duchy of Berg, the Kingdom of Westphalia and the South German States
Ute Planert

16. Napoleonic Rule in German Central Europe: Compliance and Resistance
Katherine Aaslestad

17. The Napoleonic Administrative System in the Kingdom of Westphalia
Nicola P. Todorov

18. A Valorous Nation in a Holy War: War Mobilization, Religion and Political Culture in Prussia, 1807 to 1815
Karen Hagemann

Part IV. The Italian Peninsula and the Illyrian Provinces

19. Introduction
Michael Broers

20. The Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy: State Administration
Alexander Grab

21. The Imperial Departments of Napoleonic Italy: Resistance and Collaboration
Michael Broers

22. The Feudal Question in the Kingdom of Naples
Anna Maria Rao

23. The Illyrian Provinces
Reinhard A. Stauber

Part V. Spain and Portugal, 1800–14

24. Introduction
Michael Broers

25. The Monarchy at Bayonne and the Constitution of Cadiz
Emilio López

26. Popular Resistance in Spain
Jean-René Aymes

27. Imperial Spain
José M. Portillo Valdés

28. The New Spanish Councils
Marta Lorente

29. Political Paradoxes in Napoleonic Europe: The Portuguese Case
Fernando Dores Costa

30. Conclusion: The Napoleonic Empire in the Age of Revolutions: The Contrast of Two National Representations
Annie Jourdan

Keywords: History, European History, Modern History, History of France, History of Military

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War, Culture and Society, 1750–1850
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348 pages
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