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Rwanda Fast Forward

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Rwanda Fast Forward: the Many Perspectives That Make Rwanda a Unique Country
Maddalena Campioni, Patrick Noack

Part II. Reconciliation, Reconstruction, Unification and Civil Society Issues

2. Rwanda 2025: Scenarios for the Future Political Stability of Rwanda
Esther Marijnen, Jaïr der Lijn

3. Discordant Narratives in Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts
Ananda Breed

4. Participatory Rights in Rwanda: Genocide Ideology Laws and the Future of Political Space
Fred Cowell

5. Independent Actors or Silent Agents: Where To Go for Rwandan Civil Society?
Christiane Adamczyk

6. Deterioration of Aid Coordination in Gacaca Implementation: Dealing with the Past for a Better Future?
Astrid Jamar

7. Peasant Perspectives on National Unity and Reconciliation: Building Peace or Promoting Division?
Susan Thomson

Part III. Economic and Social Development

8. Regional Integration and the Future of Rwanda
Babajide Sodipo, Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa

9. Rwanda: Overcoming the Industrial Policy Taboo
Joseph Holden

10. New ‘Friends’ of Rwanda—Chinese Noodles and Indian Curry: An Analysis of Asian Giants’ Forays into Rwanda in the Light of Theories on OFDI
Kamakshi Nanda

11. Communication, Media and the Way Forward
Anna Colom

12. The Political Economy of Contemporary Education and the Challenges of Switching Formal Language to English in Rwanda
Joseph Assan, Lawrence Walker

13. Civic Education and Social Transformation in Post-Genocide Rwanda: Forging the Perfect Development Subjects
Andrea Purdeková

Part IV. Conflict and the Role of the Military

14. The Spread of the ‘Genocide Ideology’ within the Great Lakes Region: Challenges for Rwanda
Frank K. Rusagara

15. Between Pyongyang and Singapore: the Rwandan State, Its Rulers, and the Military
Will Jones

16. The Role of the Military in Rwanda: Current Dynamics and Future Prospects
Danielle Beswick

17. Nurturing Democracy or into the Danger Zone? The Rwandan Patriotic Front, Elite Fragmentation and Post-liberation Politics
Harry Verhoeven

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, African Politics, Poverty, Aid and Development, Development Studies, Human Rights, International Relations, Political Science

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