Pollock, Mary Sanders

Figuring Animals: Essays on Animal Images in Art, Literature, Philosophy and Popular Culture

Pollock, Mary Sanders - Figuring Animals: Essays on Animal Images in Art, Literature, Philosophy and Popular Culture, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Mary Sanders Pollock, Catherine Rainwater

Part I. The Social Animal

2. Lost Dog, or, Levinas Faces the Animal
H. Peter Steeves

3. Ursus Americanus: The Idea of a Bear
Melanie Fox

4. Digging and Leveling in Adam’s Garden: Women and the International Cat Fancy
Susan E. Jones

Part II. The Observed and the Observer

5. Animal Testimony in Renaissance Art: Angelic and Other Supernatural Visitations
William J. Scheick

6. Strange Yet “Familiar”: Cats and Birds in Remedios Varo’s Artistic Universe
Nancy Vosburg

7. Who’s Looking? The Animal Gaze in the Fiction of Brigitte Kronauer and Clarice Lispector
Jutta Ittner

Part III. Art and Science

8. Burning Out the Animal: The Failure of Enlightenment Purification in H. G. Wells’s The Island of Dr. Moreau

Carrie Rohman

9. Ouida’s Rhetoric of Empathy: A Case Study in Victorian Anti-Vivisection Narrative
Mary Sanders Pollock

Part IV. Difference and Desire

10. The Black Stallion in Print and Film
Lindsay McLean Addison

11. “Who are the Bandar-log?” Questioning Animals in Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli Stories and Ursula Le Guin’s “Buffalo Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight”
Christopher Powici

12. To the Other: The Animal and Desire in Michael Field’s Whym Chow: Flame of Love

David Banash

13. “Identifying with the Animals”: Language, Subjectivity, and the Animal Politics of Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing

Robert McKay

Part V. Theories of the Other

14. Sensory Experience as Consciousness in Literary Representations of Animal Minds
Julie A. Smith

15. Human-Animal Affiliation in Modern Popular Film
Tim Gadd

16. Who May Speak for the Animals? Deep Ecology in Linda Hogan’s Power and A. A. Carr’s Eye Killers

Catherine Rainwater

Keywords: Literature, Literary Theory, Cultural Theory, Regional and Cultural Studies, Philosophy, general, Popular Life Sciences, Cultural Studies

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305 pages
Litterary Studies
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