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Theories of Federalism: A Reader

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Table of contents

1. The Revival of Federalism in Normative Political Theory
Dimitrios Karmis, Wayne Norman

I. The Birth of Federal Theory: An Alternative Political Language in the Early Era of Centralized States

2. Editors’ Introduction
Dimitrios Karmis, Wayne Norman

3. Politics as the Art of Associating
Johannes Althusius

4. Regular States vs. Systems of States
Samuel Pufendorf

II. The Enlightenment Debate over the Normative Potential of International Federalism

5. Editors’ Introduction
Dimitrios Karmis, Wayne Norman

6. Combining the Advantages of Small and Large States

7. A Lasting Peace through the Federation of Europe: Exposition and Critique of St. Pierre’s Project
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

8. Toward Perpetual Peace
Immanuel Kant

III. The “American Invention” and Nineteenth-Century Debates Over Rival Types of Federalism

9. Editors’ Introduction
Dimitrios Karmis, Wayne Norman

10. Federal Theory in The Federalist
Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison

11. On the Relation which the States and General Government Bear to Each Other (The Fort Hill Address)
John C. Calhoun

12. Federal Theory in Democracy in America
Alexis Tocqueville

13. Of Federal Representative Governments
John Stuart Mill

14. The Principle of Federation
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

IV. The Mid-Twentieth-Century Debate: Federalism between Obsolescence and Panacea

15. Editors’ Introduction
Dimitrios Karmis, Wayne Norman

16. The Obsolescence of Federalism
Harold Laski

17. The 1944 Ventotene Manifesto: Towards a Free and United Europe
Altiero Spinelli, Ernesto Rossi

18. Declaration of 9 May 1950: The Schuman Plan for European Integration
Robert Schuman

19. Federalism and Freedom: A Critique
Franz L. Neumann

20. Nationalism and Federalism
Pierre Elliott Trudeau

V. The Contemporary Debates: Federal Citizenship in Culturally Diverse Democracies

21. Editors’ Introduction
Dimitrios Karmis, Wayne Norman

22. Comparing Forms of Federal Partnerships
Ronald L. Watts

23. Federalism and Democracy: Beyond the U.S. Model
Alfred Stepan

24. Federalism, Nationalism, and Multiculturalism
Will Kymlicka

25. Building the Union: The Nature of Sovereignty in the Political Architecture of Europe
Richard Bellamy, Dario Castiglione

26. Federalism in Plurinational Societies: Rethinking the Ties between Catalonia, Spain, and the European Union
Ferran Requejo

Keywords: Political Science and International Relations, Political Theory, Political Philosophy, Political Science, History, general

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