Beall, Jo

Latin American Urban Development into the 21st Century

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Table of contents

Part I. Introduction

1. Re-thinking the Latin American City
Dennis Rodgers, Jo Beall, Ravi Kanbur

Part II. Reconceptualizing Urban Fragmentation

2. Urban Violence, Quality of Life, and the Future of Latin American Cities: The Dismal Record So Far and the Search for New Analytical Frameworks to Sustain the Bias towards Hope
Diane E. Davis

3. Cocaine Cities: Exploring the Relationship between Urban Dynamics and the Drug Trade in South America
Ignacio A. Navarro

4. Mobility Challenges in Santiago de Chile: Improving Diagnosis and the Need to Shift the Understanding of Urban Inequality from Fixed Enclaves to Mobile Gradients
Paola Jirón

5. The Vecino as Citizen: Neighbourhood Organizations in El Alto and the Transformation of Bolivian Citizenship
Helene Risør

6. Separate but Equal Democratization? Participation, Politics, and Urban Segregation in Latin America
Dennis Rodgers

Part III. Reconnecting the City

7. Irregular Urbanization as a Catalyst for Radical Social Mobilization: The Case of the Housing Movements of São Paulo
Lucy Earle

8. On-Street Upgrading? Assessing the Consequences of Allocation and Regulation Policy in Santiago de Chile’s Ferias Libres
Lissette Aliaga-Linares

9. Of Guns, Ideas, and Taxes: Understanding the Political Logic of Violence-Reducing Policy Innovation in Three Colombian Cities
Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín, María Teresa Gutiérrez, Tania Guzmán Pardo, Juan Carlos Arenas Gómez, María Teresa Pinto

10. Public-Private Co-operation for Gas Provision in Poor Neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires: Assessing the Impact on Housing Improvements and Health
Cynthia Goytia, Ricardo A. Pasquini, Pablo Sanguinetti

11. A New Way of Monitoring the Quality of Urban Life in Latin America
Eduardo Lora, Andrew Powell

Part IV. Conclusion

12. Towards a New Research Agenda for 21st Century Latin American Urban Development
Dennis Rodgers, Ravi Kanbur, Jo Beall

Keywords: Economics, Urban Economics, Development Economics, Public Economics, Social Choice/Welfare Economics/Public Choice, Health Economics, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics

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Studies in Development Economics and Policy
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289 pages
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