Aoki, Masahiko

Institutions and Comparative Economic Development

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Masahiko Aoki, Timur Kuran, Gérard Roland

Part One. Historical and Comparative Institutional Analysis of Development

2. The Five Phases of Economic Development and Institutional Evolution in China, Japan, and Korea
Masahiko Aoki

3. Social Organizations, Risk-sharing Institutions, and Economic Development
Avner Greif, Murat Iyigun, Diego Sasson

4. Before and Beyond Divergence: A New Look at the Economic History of China and Europe
Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, R. Bin Wong

5. Political Institutions and Long-run Economic Trajectory: Some Lessons from Two Millennia of Chinese Civilization
Debin Ma

6. Political Consequences of the Middle East’s Islamic Economic Legacy
Timur Kuran

7. Separation of Powers and the Medieval Roots of Institutional Divergence between Europe and the Islamic Middle East
Eric Chaney

Part Two. Driving Forces of Economic Development: Finance, Trade, Migration, and Structural Policy

8. Sharing the Future: Financial Innovation and Innovators in Solving the Political Economy Challenges of Development
Saumitra Jha

9. The Evolution of Domestic Trade Flows When Foreign Trade Is Liberalized: Evidence from the Chinese Maritime Customs Service
Wolfgang Keller, Ben Li, Carol H. Shiue

10. Physical, Social, and Informational Barriers to Domestic Migration in India
Prithwiraj Choudhury, Tarun Khanna

11. Why Development Patterns Differ: The Czech and Serbian Cases Compared
Jan Svejnar, Milica Uvalic

Part Three. Economic Development and Culture

12. Understanding the Individualism-Collectivism Cleavage and Its Effects: Lessons from Cultural Psychology
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Gérard Roland

13. Developmental ‘Paths’ and ‘Civilizations’ in Africa and Asia: Reflections on Strategies for Integrating Cultural and Material Explanations of Differential Long-term Economic Performance
Gareth Austin

14. Making Sense of Institutional Change in China: The Cultural Dimension of Economic Growth and Modernization
Carsten Herrmann-Pillath

Part Four. Food Security in Developing Countries under the Globalized Economy

15. Structural Transformation, Small Farmers, and Food Security in Asia
C. Peter Timmer

16. Food Security, Commodity Price Volatility, and the Poor
Joachim Braun, Getaw Tadesse

17. Supply Response to Food Price Changes in Asian Countries
Katsushi S. Imai, Raghav Gaiha, Ganesh Thapa, Abdilahi Ali

Keywords: Economics, Macroeconomics/Monetary Economics//Financial Economics, Economic Policy, Political Economy, Development Economics, International Economics

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International Economic Association Series
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364 pages
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