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Exporting the Alaska Model

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Table of contents

1. Exporting an Idea
Karl Widerquist, Michael W. Howard

Part I. Expansion of the Model Using Existing Funds and Dividends

2. From Price Subsidies to Basic Income: The Iran Model and Its Lessons
Hamid Tabatabai

3. Overcoming Dividend Skepticism: Why the World’s Sovereign Wealth Funds are Not Paying Dividends
Angela Cummine

4. Room for Improvement? Assessing the Strengths and Shortcomings of the Alaska Model in Advance of Export
Alanna Hartzok

5. What Happens to the Permanent Fund Dividend and the Rest of Alaska’s Unique Fiscal System as Oil Production Continues to Fall?
Cliff Groh

Part II. Wider Application of the Model

6. Applying the Alaska model in a Resource-Poor State: The Example of Vermont
Gary Flomenhoft

7. Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend as a Model for Reducing Global Poverty
Paul Segal

8. Constituting the Commons: Oil and Development in Postindependence South Sudan
Jason Hickel

9. The Ideal Solution: A Plan for Iraq?
Jay Hammond

10. A Cap on Carbon and a Basic Income: A Defensible Combination in the United States?
Michael W. Howard

11. A Permanent Endowment for the United States
Karl Widerquist

12. Exporting the Alaska Model to Alaska: How Big Could the Permanent Fund Be if the State Really Tried? And Can a Larger Fund Insulate an Oil Exporter from the End of the Boom?
Karl Widerquist

Part III. A Hybrid Proposal with Commentary

13. Citizens’ Capital Accounts: A Proposal
Karl Widerquist

14. A Jubilee Tax for Citizens’ Capital Accounts
Michael W. Howard

15. Widerquist on Citizens’ Capital Accounts
Jason Berntsen

16. Freedom, Development, and Oil: Citizens’ Capital Accounts for Iraq
Ayelet Banai

17. Citizens’ Capital Accounts: A Comment on Contributions
Christopher L. Griffin

18. Reply to Comments
Karl Widerquist

Part IV. Conclusion

19. The Alaska Model as a Menu of Options
Karl Widerquist, Michael W. Howard

Keywords: Economics, Development Economics, International Economics, Political Economy, Business Taxation/Tax Law, Business Finance

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