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What Works in Offender Compliance

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Table of contents

Section I. Setting the Scene — Probation and Compliance: Historical and Contemporary Policy Developments

1. Introduction
Pamela Ugwudike, Peter Raynor

2. Compulsory Persuasion in Probation History
Maurice Vanstone

3. What Counts? Community Sanctions and the Construction of Compliance
Gwen Robinson

4. Reanalysing the Compliance Dynamic: Toward a Co-Productive Strategy and Practice
Trish McCulloch

Section II. In the Front Line: The Importance of Offender Motivation

5. Learning from Odysseus: Self-Applied Situational Crime Prevention as an Aid to Compliance
Anthony E. Bottoms

6. What and Who Might Enhance Offender Compliance: Situating Responsibilities
Ralph C. Serin, Caleb D. Lloyd, Laura D. Lloyd, Marianna Shturman

7. Compliance through Discussion: The Jersey Experience
Peter Raynor

8. Compliance in Prisons
Ben Crewe

9. Surveillance-Based Compliance using Electronic Monitoring
Mike Nellis

10. Compliance with Community Orders: Front-line Perspectives and Evidence-Based Practices
Pamela Ugwudike

Section III. Evidence-Led Compliance Mechanisms: Recent Developments in International Research

11. Offender Recall for Non-Compliance in France and Fairness: An Analysis of ‘Sentences Implementation Courts’ Practices
Martine Herzog-Evans

12. Compliance Dynamics: A Multidisciplinary Review and Exploration of Compliance Processes in the Belgian Context
Stef Decoene, Kristel Beyens

13. Effective Supervision of Young Offenders
Christopher Trotter

14. A Tale of Two Innovations: Motivational Interviewing and Core Correctional Practices in United States Probation
Melissa Alexander, Christopher T. Lowenkamp, Charles R. Robinson

15. The Importance of Building Good Relationships in Community Corrections: Evidence, Theory and Practice of the Therapeutic Alliance
Guy Bourgon, Leticia Guiterrez

Section IV. Offender Diversity: Contextualizing Compliance Theory, Policy and Practice

16. Working with Women in Probation: ‘Will You, Won’t You, Will You, Won’t You, Won’t You Join the Dance?’
Loraine Gelsthorpe

17. Encouraging Compliance, Maintaining Credibility or Fast Tracking to Custody? Perspectives on Enforcement in the Youth Justice System
Tim Bateman

18. Achieving Compliance with Drug-Misusing Offenders: Challenges for the Probation Service
Paul Sparrow

19. Conclusion: What Works in Offender Compliance
Pamela Ugwudike, Peter Raynor

Keywords: Criminology and Criminal Justice, Criminology and Criminal Justice, general, Prison and Punishment, Criminal Law, Politics of the Welfare State, Social Policy, Youth Offending and Juvenile Justice

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