Donders, Karen

Private Television in Western Europe

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Table of contents

Part I. Long Live Television

1. Long Live Television
Christian Thillo

Part I. European and National Experiences

2. Editors’ Introduction: Private Television in Europe — A New Beginning or the Beginning of the End?
Karen Donders, Caroline Pauwels, Jan Loisen

3. Opening Up Europe to Private Television — Harmonisation and Liberalisation for the Benefit of All?
Caroline Pauwels, Karen Donders

4. Thirty Years of Private Television in Europe — Trends and Key Moments
Maria Michalis

5. Private Television in France: A Story of Political Intervention
Raymond Kuhn

6. Private Television in the United Kingdom: A Story of Ownership Integration
Gillian Doyle

7. Private Television in Small European States: Ireland, Austria and Switzerland
Manuel Puppis, Matthias Künzler

Part II. Content (and) Markets

8. Children’s Television: A Comparative Analysis of Offers on Free-to-Air Television in the United Kingdom and Finland
Mikko Sihvonen

9. Children’s Television: Markets and Regulation
Alessandro D’Arma, Jeanette Steemers

10. Television Sports Rights: Between Culture and Commerce
Petros Iosifidis, Paul Smith

11. Format is King”: Television Formats and Commercialisation
Andrea Esser

12. Business Model Issues for the Digital Video Content Industry
Olivier Braet

13. The Political Economy of Retransmission Payments and Cable Rights: Implications for Private Television Companies
Tom Evens

Part III. Policies

14. Best Frienemies Forever?” Public and Private Broadcasting Partnerships in Flanders
Tim Raats, Caroline Pauwels

15. Fighting a (Lost) Battle? An Analysis of 20 Years of Private Television Complaints against the Funding of Public Service Broadcasting
Karen Donders

16. The Thin Blue Line between Monitoring Advertising Rules and Commercial Freedom in Broadcasting: The Case Study of Product Placement
Katrien Lefever

17. Content Quotas: What and Whom Are They Protecting?
Sally Broughton Micova

18. From Independence of Audiovisual Media Regulators to Europeanisation of Audiovisual Media Regulation: Reaching for Apples of the Hesperides?
Anna Herold

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Film and Television Studies, Media and Communication, Media Studies, Film History, Media Research, Cultural Studies

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