Anderst, Leah

The Films of Eric Rohmer

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Leah Anderst

1. Eric Rohmer and Me

2. Eric Rohmer and Me
André Aciman

Part I. Rohmer: Critic and Philosopher

3. Eric Rohmer and the Legacy of Cinematic Realism
Tom Gunning

4. Practicing What He Preaches? Continuities and Discontinuities in Rohmer’s Early Film Criticism and His Conte d’automne

T. Jefferson Kline

5. Ma Nuit chez Maud and the Moral Imagination: Rhymes, Symmetries, and Variations on an Ethical Theme
Matthew Thorpe

Part II. Narration, Frames, Genres

6. The Fall into Words: From Contes des quatre saisons to L’Anglaise et le Duc

Noël Herpe

7. Eric Rohmer’s Magnetic Fluid
Dudley Andrew

8. Imagination and Grace: Rohmer’s Contes des quatre saisons

Keith Tester

9. Auteur Meets Genre: Rohmer and the Rom-Com
Mary Harrod

Part III. Politics, Gender, and Class

10. Rohmer/Politics: From Royalism to Ecology
Antoine Baecque

11. On the Class Character of Desire: Romantic Heroics in the Contes moraux

Derek Schilling

12. Rohmer’s Realism: Women on the Border of What Is and What Might Be
Aimée Israel-Pelletier

Part IV. Architecture, Places, and Space

13. The Changing Landscape and Rohmer’s Temptation of Architecture
Ivone Margulies

14. Walking in the City: Paris in the Films of Eric Rohmer
Fiona Handyside

15. Rohmer’s Poetics of Placelessness
Leah Anderst

Part V. Adapting History and Literature

16. Eric Rohmer, Historiographer
Jerry W. Carlson

17. Eric Rohmer’s Talking Heads: Listening to the Classical Text in La Bruyère

Mark Cohen

18. Triple Agent: Eric Rohmer and the Tumult of the Interwar Years
Pierre Lethier

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Film History, European Cinema, Film and Television Studies, Arts, Directing

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