Gibbon, Sahra

Racial Identities, Genetic Ancestry, and Health in South America

Gibbon, Sahra - Racial Identities, Genetic Ancestry, and Health in South America, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Sahra Gibbon, Ricardo Ventura Santos, Mónica Sans

Part I. Interdisciplinary Research and the Paradox of Racial Identity

2. Anthropology, Race, and the Dilemmas of Identity in the Age of Genomics: A View from Brazil
Ricardo Ventura Santos, Marcos Chor Maio

3. Molecular Vignettes of the Colombian Nation: The Place(s) of Race and Ethnicity in Networks of Biocapital
Carlos Andrés Barragán

4. The Biological Nonexistence versus the Social Existence of Human Races: Can Science Instruct the Social Ethos?
Telma S. Birchal, Sérgio D. J. Pena

Part II. Genomics, Genetic Admixture, and Health in South America: Old and New Opportunities and Challenges

5. Admixture Mapping and Genetic Technologies: Perspectives from Latin America
Bernardo Bertoni

6. Pharmacogenetics in the Brazilian Population
Guilherme Suarez-Kurtz

7. Strong Association of Socioeconomic Status and Genetic Ancestry in Latinos: Implications for Admixture Studies of Type 2 Diabetes
J. C. Florez, A. L. Price, D. Campbell, L. Riba, M. V. Parra, F. Yu, C. Duque, R. Saxena, N. Gallego, M. Tello-Ruiz, L. Franco, M. Rodríguez-Torres, A. Villegas, G. Bedoya, C. A. Aguilar-Salinas, M. T. Tusié-Luna, A. Ruiz-Linares, D. Reich

8. Remembering or Forgetting Mendel: Sickle Cell Anemia and Racial Politics in Brazil
Peter Fry

Part III. Genetics, History, Nationhood, and Identity

9. Gene Admixture Analysis through Genetic Markers and Genealogical Data in a Sample from the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area
Francisco R. Carnese, Sergio A. Avena, Maria L. Parolin, Maria B. Postillone, Cristina B. Dejean

10. National Identity, Census Data, and Genetics in Uruguay
Mónica Sans

11. Forced Disappearance and Suppression of Identity of Children in Argentina: Experiences in Genetic Identification
Victor B. Penchaszadeh

Keywords: Cultural and Media Studies, Latin American Culture, Anthropology, Social Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology, general

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