Gray, Dina

Measurement Madness: Recognizing and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Performance Measurement

Gray, Dina - Measurement Madness: Recognizing and Avoiding the Pitfalls of Performance Measurement, ebook


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A clearer, more accurate performance management strategy

Measurement Madness presents a level-headed approach to performance management, helping leaders avoid the often-bizarre unintended consequences of KPIs. Using real life examples of measurement gone wrong, this book details how each particular behaviour could have been foretold, and demonstrates what a manager needs to consider when creating measures and performance measurement systems. Each chapter explains the behaviour in terms of management and organisational theories, concluding with guiding principles to help readers avoid the many pitfalls of well-intended performance management. With cases drawn from the archives of the world-leading Centre of Business Performance at Cranfield University, this useful guide confronts the issues in detail and provides clear, practical solutions that make performance management work.

Examples of poor management via measurement are increasingly showing up in the press, from the UK's MP expenses scandal to the demise of the banking sector. Although targets and rewards have long resulted in bizarre behaviours, these recent examples have moved measurement, reward, and behaviour to the forefront of business management once again. This book provides managers with clear guidance toward a new strategy.

  • Take a close look at how performance and measurement are being misused
  • Measure what's useful, not just what's easy to measure
  • Learn how over-emphasising targets can hinder progress and performance
  • Set the right targets and reward the right behaviour

With a unique mix of examples from the UK, the US, and around the world, this book provides theoretical and practical help in addressing the issues and concerns surrounding performance management. For the manager longing for useful metrics and more accurate reports, Measurement Madness contains key information and strategy.

Keywords: Management, Measurement Madness: Avoiding Performance Management Pitfalls, Dina D. Gray, Monica M. Franco, Andrey A. Pavlov, Pietro P. Micheli, Veronica V. Martinez, Cranfield School of Management, performance measurement, behaviour management, targets and rewards, worker reward systems, performance metrics, performance improvement, measuring employee performance, business management, leadership skills, management skills, managing workers, organisational theory, accurate performance management, employee metrics, improving performance measurement, performance measurement pitfalls, setting targets, employee rewards

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